Install CWM on Nokia X

Here is a small tutorial that will help you out to install cwm on your Nokia X. But before we start out with the procedure, let us know a bit about CWM and the Stock Recovery that comes installed on your device.


What is CWM and why install cwm on Nokia X?

Well CWM is a custom recovery, known as the Clockworksmod recovery. It is a custom recovery, as again i Say. Every andorid phone comes with a recovery installed, and this recovery helps you to manage your device better. Or also it helps in case of any mishappening occurs. But the stock recovery that has been installed on the phone bythe comapny, has many limitations. And as obvious it does not allow you to perform developer tweaks.

But when you install CWM recovery on your device, you get the ppower to perform many tweaks on your you an flash the SuperSU app, and gain the root access to your device. Also it will help you out to flash ROMs on the device, again if you are unhappy fromthe Stock Recovery they put in. So all in all, if you are a total android geek, a CWM installed on your device is a must.


Here are some of the things that you might be needing before we start out the orocedure to install cwm on nokia X.

  • At first, download and set up the  USB and fastboot drivers on your computer or laptop or whatever you have. You can get them here.
  • Download the recovery file from here.
  • Also make sure that the devicde has atleast 70 percent of the battery, so that it does not die in the middle of the procedure.
  • Though this procedure would not wipe any of your data, but still it is advisable that you backup your important stuff first.

Install CWM on Nokia X:

So provided, you have gone through the above pre0requisite section, we can now begin. Follow the steps below to install cwm on your Nokia X.

  • First of all, extract the fast boot folder on your computer.
  • Now move the recovery file to the extracted folder.
  • Then connect the Nokia X to the PC via a USB Cable.
  • Now open up the command prompt window in the folder whwre you have placed the recovery image.
  • Now in the command prompt window, type in the commands written below. But make sure to replace “nameoftherecovery” in second step with the name of the image file of the recovery, without it’s extension.
  • adb reboot bootloader
  • fastboot -i 0×0421 flash recovery nameoftherecovery.img

Now after typing in this command and executing it, you need to disconnec tthe device from the computer after seeing a succesful message on the screen. Then reboot the phone into the recovery mode, and there CWM would have been succesfully installed.

If the recovery is not installed there, or you face any error, the fast boot drivers on the system are not appropriate and then you need to make sure that you have the proper ones.

So this is it, this was a short tutorial which helped you to install CWM on yout Nokia X. If you face any problems, you can feel free to contact us, or leave a comment below. Thanks.


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