Install CWM on Sony Xperia M C1904/1905 4.3 jellybean


So if you are looking to install the cwm on the xperia M, here is a post which will help you through. So let us begin with the procedure.

Before you Install CWM on Xperia M:

As you might be knowing that the stock recovery put in the phone by the manufacturer is just a basic one and won’t let you perform some serious tasks. So it is better to flash a custom recovery on the phone, which will let you perform many things such as flashing zip files including roms and kernels on the phone along with many other tweaks. And we will be flashing the cwm, which is a type of custom recovery we will be installing on the phone in this post.


We will be using a computer and also the fastboot mode in this post to flash the recovery file on the phone. Don’t worry if you haven’t used the fastboot mode before on your phone, so simple follow the instructions in this post, that’s it.

Pre Requisites:

As the heading suggests, here are some of the things which need your attention before you head further and begin with the tutorial.

  • Charge your phone, so that it does not interrupt you in the middle of the procedure.
  • Download the files from the download section below.
  • Backup the important data on the phone, though it will not get deleted, but still you should back it up before you proceed.
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  • Make sure that you have root access, so if you don’t root your xperia m first.
  • A Computer or a Laptop with the proper drivers installed on it.

Tutorial: Root Sony Xperia M

Download Requirements:

Below are the links to the files, which you need to download, as they are required for the procedure to install the recovery on the phone.


  • Rename the recovery img file to boot.img.
  • Place the boot.img file in the Minimal ADB & Fastboot folder created.
  • In the same folder, open a command prompt window by holding down the shift button and then right clicking to select the “Open command window here” option on your windows option.
  • Now turn off the phone and plug in the USB cable.
  • Press and hold the volume up button till you see a blue notification light on your phone. You phone is now booted into the fastboot mode.
  • Type the command “fastboot flash boot boot.img” in the command window.
  • Hit enter in the command prompt window and the recovery file will be flashed on your phone.
  • Once it is done, type in the next command “Fastboot reboot” . Your phone will now start to reboot.
  • Once the Sony logo appears, press the volume up button and you will enter the custom recovery.

So this was it, you can now reboot into the recovery mode successfully. And if in case you faced any problem while installing cwm on xperia m, you can get to us and we would try to fix it soon. I hope this post helped you out, and solved the purpose.

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