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So you are here probably because you have actually bought an android device or you have shifted from any other OS to android. the 1st problem everyone faces is the Battery backup problem. Just big as it is the Low battery backup is a case with every android device. Basically people all around say that Battery usage is dependent on how rough or heavily we use our device with, which actually is true but partially te real battery saver lies in the Tips down here. Just get here and read on all those tips and get your battery of android last even for days.

increase battery backup on android

For better segregation and navigation purpose we have divided the post into 2 parts, as we cover 2 topics which will be Saving battery life by using or applying some tips and tricks and other i the part where we consider some application to do our part for saving battery. So get set and go We have something or the other for everyone.

Hello friends a very warm welcome in the world of android. Are you facing problems with the battery life of your android? Yeah I know that’s the biggest issue one faces in this android world. Guys you can simply take out the SIM card and turn off the Wi-Fi, you android battery will stand still there. Ah! Jokes apart. Do you guys have any idea of how to increase battery life on android? No! No problems at all. We will take a look at the tips and tricks so as to how to increase battery life on android.

How to Increase battery life on Android using Tips ad Tricks

Now i will be sharing some tips and tricks to start with optimising your battery usage when in the go or using your android too much for a while.

  • If users want to increase battery life on android, then the very first thing they can do is to minimize the display brightness. The large colorful display of your android smartphone may give you an attractive look but it is the biggest enemy of your android’s battery life.
  • Users must keep their display timeout to the least so as to extend battery life on android. Screen timeout is the setting which allows the display of the smartphone to turn off automatically after receiving the last input.
  • Users should turn of the Bluetooth after using it. It is the one of the major way which can help the users to extend battery life on android. Not much but at least turning the Bluetooth off will add about 1 hour to your battery life.
  • Your android’s Wi-Fi being the one of the serious battery drainer. It is similar to Bluetooth but drains battery more than it.
  • The GPS service of your android even sucks the battery. You just need to tap on “Off” whenever any app asks your permission to use your location via GPS.
  • Multitasking is being the powerful feature of any android smartphone but it drains the battery according to its powerful feature that a user can use more than one app at a time.
  • If users love to keep their phones on vibration mode rather than on ringtone than they might face the problem of battery drain. If you want to extend the battery life on android then you can simply keep your phone alert on ringtone.
  • Users must turn off the unimportant notifications as these notifications light ups your phone display or a message will be displayed which further consumes the power.
  • With android smartphone users get power-saving modes as well but it depends on your handset. Users must enable the mode so as to extend battery life on android.
  • Users can even manually adjust their android’s settings via JuiceDefender which will definitely going to help in extend battery life on android.

How to Increase battery life on Android using Apps

Apart from tips and tricks we have a bunch of applications now which can show immediate result and will keep you in knowledge that what might take your battery life down and for what reason.

  • “Wakelock detector” is an android app which will help in to increase battery life on android and is being very handy. It allows users to check detailed information about the android system of the smartphone.
    I personally like this app a lot as it displays full analysis of the hard-core battery life. If you are really an android power user then you will definitely going to love this.
  • “Battery Doctor” app is really a simple and easy app to use. This app gives users the basic tips about the apps which need to be turn off. It has got really handy battery charging utility.
    The battery life is being little optimistic through this app but we can neglect that because of its simple UI and free of cost.
  • “Tasker” is a handy tool which allows users to control the battery life of their android device very easily. It allows users to set their devices according to their need.
  • “JuiceDefender” we already discussed with you about it. But in simple words it is really straightforward program featuring simple UI and further helps in to increase battery life on android.

    android apps for abattery life

    I use this personally and it goes away with a good interface and lively screen

  • Another battery program “GO Battery Saver” is really easy to use and the best thing about this app is that it spots clearly those apps which are draining the battery life.
  • Another free battery saving program “Battery Defender” is the simplest of all the other apps which will help users to increase battery life on android. This app will display the remaining battery percentage on the notification bar.
  • “Battery Drain Analyzer” features simple profile manager but what is really worth looking is the power usage which the apps in your android consuming.
  • The last but not the least a well-known Task killer “ES Task Manager”. It not a battery saving program but it allows users to do many things at once. This app wills definitely going to help users to increase battery life on android.

So these all are some of the realistic tips and tricks so as to increase battery life on android which is one of the major issue every android user faces. Battery issues leave geeky people really disheartened but if users will be following the methods discussed above will really help them to extend battery life on android.

Users should keep their all android apps up to date because each and every app update is released only after the app is fully developed with improved optimization. If you overcome any problem in the battery issues with the updated apps then you must remove those apps rather than using the task killers. Rooting your android device will definitely going to increase battery life on android.

This is all about the tips as to increase battery life on android. But we are surely on a look out for more and more tips. We would love if you will share your suggestions as well on how to extend battery life on android. Do share if know about any power-saving accessories as well.

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