HTC One M9 Gets Leaked

When it comes to upcoming devices and gadgets, the upcoming ones don’t get to remain hidden for long and smartphones are the worst at it. Wondering the reason why we say so? Well, the pictures below will answer your questions. The pictures below are rumored to be of Taiwenese smartphone manufacturing giant, HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone the One M9. Yes people, the One M9 is no longer a secret and with these pictures, we have a pretty good idea what it might look like. Not only this, we also have a rumor that claims to know the innards of the One M9.


HTC One M9HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 is claimed to be boasting of a display with 4K resolution, the beastly octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor whose clock speed remains unknown, 3 GB of RAM, on-board memory accounting to 32 GB which can be expanded to 128 GB via the microSD card slot. The device also boasts of a 20 MP camera in the back while there’s a 4 MP ultra-pixel camera unit in the front.

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