How to root HTC Desire Z One Click

So here is a tutorial that will help out you guys to root HTC Desire Z one click and without having you to face any issues or errors. So follow the step by step instructions given in this post and get the root for your device done.

Before you Root HTC Desire Z:

You are expected to know the basic concepts related to android rooting before you begin with the procedure to root HTC desire z. If you already know about it then it is well and good and you can skp this part of the tutorial and if in case you are not then you should recall take out some time and read about it a bit before you get your hands on to it. Below is a brief intro part for the newbies and help them grab the concept.


Android Rooting is a process by which you gain the root access to the device as the name suggests and in more simpler words, root access is nothing but the ability to control your device gummy and according to your own terms. It gives you the power to per for. Many tweaks and customizations k. The device to make the device function the way you want, hence taking the level of personalization to even further extent. You can perform many hardcore tweaks which can alter the way your device works. To read more head to this detailed post, as we cannot discuss the whole concept here.

Since it gives you the ability to control the your device the way you want it has many advantages. You can perform tweaks and increase the performance of your android device Nod many customization as well as special gestures. For instance you could overclock processor, increase the RAM, install  Custom ROMs, increase the internal memory, and also you could Play HD Games.
And the list does not end here, there are many more tweaks that can be performed on the device, which you can see here. Also to study in detail about the advantages of rooting your android smartphone you can visit this link here.

And not only advantages rooting your android smartphone has some disadvantages as well. Many of you might be knowing about this too, that when you root an android device you lose the warranty on the device that is provided by the manufacturer on it. And not only this there are other disadvantages as well, like you could end up in trouble if you do not really know what are you doing to the device and fail to execute any tweak properly, which could land you. To brick your android device. To read about disadvantages of rooting, visit the post.

About this Tutorial:

Since there are tons and tons of tutorials out there which might help you to root HTC desire z, so it becomes imports t that first we have a sneak peak into the method that wears going to adopt in this tutorial.. As the name of the post suggests this is a One Click method and we will be using a software named as SRSRoot tool which will be installed on the computer and it will get us the root access on the device which will be connected to the pc with the help of an USB cable. This us a tired and tested method and won’t cause any harm to the device but sit you need to proceed at your own risk. If any Dana he is caused to the device we are not responsible for any case whatsoever.

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Pre Requisites:

Some things are needed to be done before you begin with the procedure to root HTC desire z and they are compiled below in the form of a list. Go through them once before you begin with the tutorial.

  • Since this method is a one click, you will need a laptop or a computer for the same.
  • Setup drivers on the laptop or computer whatever you are using, and if you don’t have them grab them here.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode under the Developer Option in the settings.
  • If you can’t see any developer options, tap on the build number of the device about 7 times.
  • Also make sure that you backup all the important data on the device before you begin to be on the safer side if any mid happening occurs.
  • You can refer to the guides below to help you backup the data.
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
  • Backup and Restore SMS
  • Lastly download the files from the download links given in the section below.


Download the files from the links given below as they you require those tools to root HTC desire z. Also you will have to unlock them before you can download them by doings any of the things mentioned below in the box.

How to Root HTC Desire Z one Click:

So below are the steps that will help you with the process to root HTC one xl, and if in case you haven’t gone through the previous sections, we advise you that you read them out once.

  • After downloading and installing the app on your computer, head to the device Settings on your mobile phone and go to Security > Unknown Sources and check the box next to Unknown Sources. This will allow the installation of third party apps onto your phone. Be sure to uncheck this option after the rooting process.
  • Also enable the USB debugging mode by heading into Settings > Developer Options.
  • Now launch the SRS Root app on your computer and then connect your phone using a USB cable to the computer.
  • Give a few seconds for the app to recognize your device and once it has, just click on the Root Device button in the app window. This will begin the rooting process.
  • Once the process is complete, disconnect your phone and reboot it if it hasn’t already.
    To make sure of the root, you can download the Root Checker app from the Play Store.

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So this is it, you have successfully rooted HTC desire Z and are now good to go and perform the customizations and tweaks you am were looking forward to. On the other hand if you got stuck at any step or faced any error or the download links seem to be broken, comment below nod someone from the community or our team would get back to you as soon as possible.

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