How to Root Sony Xperia Z Ultra Easily | In a Click

Do you want to root Sony Xperia Z Ultra? if yes then you are at the very best place as this is where you can find the easiest and the shortest tutorial to root your Sony Xperia Z Ultra. So just read on ahead with our very informative and very comprehensive writeup to root Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Root Sony Xperia Z Ultra root my android

The android Phablet is a very nice flagship from Sony and is also very much comparable to any phone in the market. Recently released this device has a good hold on the market as of now. The Phone is Powered by a 2.2 GHz qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (quad-core), the Processor is supported with a 2GB RAM with an 8 MP rear Shooter and a 2MP frot camera.

Before you go on with the process make sure you know actually what android Rooting Is ?

Do you Know if you have root Access you can easily delete all those irritating pre installed Applications that just take your internal memory of your device and nothing else.

You have Low free RAM ? Just Go on and read how to Increase RAM on Unrooted devices. TADAAA !! you have Rooted Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Just Download RAM Xpander and BOOOM… You can use your External SD card as RAM

In this tutorial ill be very descriptive process to root Sony Xperia Z Ultra. This process is safe from issues like bricked android device but still you need to be very careful with the steps as done in order to root Sony Xperia Z Ultra in this process.

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Pre-Requisites For Rooting Sony Xperia Z Ultra

There are a few things that you might like to do before you continue with the process. They are beneficial to you for many reasons.

Just Go ahead and root your Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Downloads Required to Root Sony Xperia Z Ultra

You need to Download a file before proceeding with the process. The download links are locked and you can unlock them by just by clicking on any of the buttons below. So go ahead and download the file.

You can now proceed to the process after downloading the File.

How to Root Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Just follow these simple steps to root your Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It is very easy and just can be done in a few minutes.

  • Tap on the Build Number of your Sony Xperia Z Ultra 7-8 times continuously after Going into the about Phone tab under settings.
  • This was not atol sarcasm and this will enable developer options on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra, and you can check them out in your settings now
  • Open the developer options from the settings and enable the USB debugging. So that we allow PC to connect to the internal functioning of the android
  • Its time to open the file you just downloaded, Remember to extract t and RUN it.
  • Now connect your Sony Xperia Z Ultra to the PC with the original USB cable if possible, else any nice Cable will work.
  • Now a Popup will appear on your device to let you connect to the PC through Debugging. If you dont see any popup then dont worry just carry on with the next step.
  • You’ll now see a logo or name of your phone on the VRoot tool kit window.
  • Now, simply click on the Root button and let it perform its Rooting Sony Xperia Z Ultra process.
  • Thats it your device will reboot in a few minutes and you will have a rooted Sony Xperia Z Ultra now.
  • You can navigate to your app drawer to search for SuperSU application adn know if the device is really rooted, also you can download if Root Checker application to confirm root.

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Thats it your Just Rooted Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Now if you have some queries or any difficulties in rooting your Sony Xperia Z Ultra then you can just contact us or you can leave a comment and we will get back as soon as possible.

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