How to Root Sony Xperia SX SO-05D One Click

Xperia SX

So here is a post which will be helping you in the procedure to root xperia Xperia SX SO-05D, and increase it’s performance and functionality as it is along with other customizations. So let’s begin.

Before you Root Sony Xperia SX SO-05D:

Before you move out further make sure that all of you know have an exact idea what android rooting is. As going ahead and rooting your respective phones without actually having an idea what it really is really absurd. You won’t be able get the most out of it, if you don’t even know what it is. Some of you might be knowing about rooting in detail and they can skip this part as this is just going to be a brief intro for the guys who are first timers.

Xperia SX

Android Rooting is a method by which you are able to get more control of the device. As you might be knowing that android is open source, means you can modify whatever you want in your phone. But by default this full control is not granted to the users so that they don’t end up messing with their phones and end up damaging them. So to get the full control of your device which is just temporarily not provided is termed as rooting. You can read more about rooting here.

Now it has its advantages ad well as disadvantages. With rooting you get the chance to optimize your device and control it, perform many tweaks for your good like increasing the RAM, internal memory etc. And the list goes on and on. You can know about the tweaks that could be performed on your android rooting after here. But along come some disadvantages as well. And the most prominent of them being that many manufacturers don’t allow rooting and they void the warranty on the device. But not only that there are many others as well. So you might want to check them out before you go ahead and root xperia sx. You can read about disadvantages and advantages here.

Pre Requisites:

Below is a list of things which you are required to get done before you move on further to root xperia sx.


As we discussed above we will be needing and using the root kingo to root Xperia SX. So download the root kingo software from the link below. Make sure that you do it directly from the pc or the laptop you will be using for the procedure.


  • Open the root kingo by clicking on the file you downloaded.
  • As the root kingo launches, connect the Xperia sx with it using a USB cable.
  • Now the app will take some time to detect the device and as soon as it does click on the ‘Root’ button.
  • kingo-root-now
  • It will start the procedure to root the device and you will be shown the progress on the screen.
  • kingo-rooting-in-process
  • As it completes, disconnect the device from the USB and reboot it.

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That’s it, after the phone boots up you will have the root access on it. So this was a short and simple tutorial on how to root sony Xperia SX. I hope it helped.

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