How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H | Safest Method

Here is a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H. So just hurry if you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H and are waiting for a tutorial that is so easy and safe to do it in 10 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H android device by Samsung is a nice device to play with, RAM is enough but not upto the mark, that is where Rooting and development of the Phone comes in.

Do you need to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H?

To understand Why do you need to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H, You must basically know What actually Android Rooting in general is?

Well Rooting is actually gaining super user access to your phone applying few apps that have a lot of customization and need root access. Using a rooted android gives a very different experience than using a stock android as we can change everything onto the system, like a few battery saver apps work brilliant on rooted phone while Apps like SetCPU can increase or decrease the clock rate of your processor, also RAM Expander can use your SD-Card as your RAM. This will of course increase playing HD games and heavy applications. While increasing the clock rate or overclocking Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H will increase multitasking to a well damn great extent.

Read about the Advantages Of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H

Pre-requisites before you Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H

Before you actually begin the rooting process for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H, there are few warning information that you should know.

If you have taken these steps in consideration then you can continue with the process next !

Downloads required to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H

Hey guys, here we are to root the all new Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H. So, you are at the right place on the web to root our device. First of all, you have to unlock the download links by following us on Google+ or Facebook. Its a one time unlocking process and you will not be asked again ever to unlock the links. Just move ahead and download the files.

  • Download Files


After you have downloaded the above files, you are safe to go ahead and start the rooting procedure.

Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H

Now if you have downloaded he Files and installed the drivers properly then you can go the main rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H.

Just follow these simple steps so that you can Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H

  • Power off the phone completely by removing its battery for 5 seconds.
  • Re-insert the battery back into its place.
  • Press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttons, all at the same time.
  • Release the buttons only when the ‘Warning!!’ message appears.
  • Next, press Volume Up button to confirm that you wish to enter Download Mode.
    DOWNLOAD MODE Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H
  • Your device will now show a green Android with the ‘Downloading… Do not turn off target’ text listed under it.
  • That’s it, now you can connect your device with your PC after you launch ODIN.
  • Now, double click on the ODIN.exe file which is extracted and the application should be launched.
  • Click on the PDA tab in the ODIN and browse the CF-Root file that you extracted on the desktop.
  • Click on PDA button, browse your computer for .tar file
    Cleck on PDA Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H
  • Uncheck the repartition tab on the ODIN menu.
  • Auto Reboot and F.Reset time should be checked in the ODIN.
  • hit the Start button in the ODIN.
    Root PDA Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H
  • The root file will be start flashing in your device and will be completed in about two to three minutes.
  • The device will be automatically rebooted after the flashing is over and you are done with it.
  • You will now see the SUper SU application in your APP Drawer.
    SuperSU-Installed-on-Stock copy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H

This was all about rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos SM-G800H.
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  • hi there just want to know rooting is common in all phone or differs according to manufacture…got a china handset called richtel a1 what would rooting process and chain 3d would be…and temple run 2 working but not using secreen motion..just running that all….if possible let me knwo…what best that i need to fix these issues..

    alex 3 years ago

    • No every phone has specific procedure to root. If not done correctly then you can also brick/damage your device.

      Harshmeet 3 years ago

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