How to Root Lenovo S890 One Click

Looking for a way to root Lenovo S890? Here is a post which will help you out to get the root access on the phone easily and within minutes. All you have to do is follow some. Some instructions and that’s it, so let’s begin.

Before you Root Lenovo S890:

Before you begin with the tutorial to root the android device, you are expected to know about android rooting and the things related to it. As it is quite obvious, if you don’t really know much about rooting and how to exploit the root access, even rooting your device won’t do any good. So it is advised that you should first get to know about android rooting and get your concepts clear. For the beginners below is a summed up paragraph to explain some things, so you might want to. Read it out before you actually begin the process to root lenovo s890.

Android Rooting is a method by which you are able to get the root access phone, which simply means that you are to control your device better than ever before. You are able to control it’s core working and modify it according to your choice. Like for instance you can change the interface of the android rom, change the kernels which directly communicate with the processor and much more. All in all, rooting let’s you control and own your device better than ever before. If you still want to read about it more, you can read this post. Talking of the advantages, it has many. As you are able to control your device, there are many performance tweaks that you can perform on the device and increase its customization to use it better and make your phone more productive. Read more about advantages of rooting here in this post. Also there are some disadvantages of rooting your android phone, like since it becomes so open you can easily end up bricking it. Also you will lose the warranty on the device if you root it and there are many other disadvantages as well which you might want to check out before you begin with the procedure to root the phone.

About the Tutorial:

As there are so many  ways and methods out there to root an android device. Let us see that how will we be getting the root access on the phone with the help of this tutorial. We will use root Kingo which is a software which we will run on the laptop or a computer and it wi get us the root access from there and then. It is a really simple method to root an android device and really it is safe and secure as well. As it has been tested on so many devices.

Pre Requisites:

Before we move ahead here are some things which require attention before and are required to be done. So go through the list once and get them done.

  • Backup the important data on the device as a precaution.
  • You can refer to the guides below to do that.
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Backup and Restore SMS and WhatsApp Messages
  • Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
  • After that make sure that you have charged the phone properly, at least up to 60% if not more.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the phone under the Developer Options in Settings.
  • rp-USB-Debugging-copy.png
  • Download root kingo from download section below.
  • Ensure that proper drivers have been installed on the computer or the pc you will be using for the procedure to root the phone.


Download the root kingo from the download link below as it is required for the procedure to root Lenovo S890.


  • Launch the root kingo on the laptop or pc with the help of the downloaded .exe file.
  • Connect the phone with the USB cable to the pc.
  • After that as it detects the phone, click on the ‘Root‘ button.
  • kingo-root-now
  • The rooting procedure will now start and the root kingo will automatically root the phone for you.
  • Do not close the app or disconnect the device in between of the procedure.
  • As it completes, click on the ‘Finish‘ button and with that disconnect the device from the USB cable.
  • kingo-root-complete
  • Reboot the phone after that and Troy will have the root access.

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So this is it, you have now successfully rooted Lenovo S890. I hope this post helped you out and if in case you have any doubts or face any errors like the download links don’t work, do inform us and we will fix it soon.

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