How to Root Huawei Honor 3X Pro Within One Click

Huawei Honor 3X

Looking to root your Huawei Honor 3x Pro? Here is a post which will help you out in the task to do so, and that too in a few minutes with ease. So let’s begin.

Before you Root Huawei Honor 3X Pro:

here are some thing, which i would like to discus before you proceed further and root your honor 3x pro. in case you aren’t aware of what rooting is then I suggest that you first get some knowledge about it. As it only makes sense, to know what rooting really is, to get the most benefit out of it, rather than just doing it for the sake of it.

Huawei Honor 3X

Android Rooting is a method by which you are kind of able to unlock the control of your device. You are able to fully control your device’s functioning in a way. Rooting gives you the privilege to control your phone fully. Read more about android rooting, if you want to dig in more, as we cannot cover in depth here, and this is just a brief intro of the part. Now this may have it advantages or disadvantages as well. Sure, you would be able to install roms, kernels and other stuff to increase the performance and the productivity of your device. But if in case you messed up a bit, that could make your device stop working properly as well. So you might want to read out, and learn about everything, before actually rooting your device. You can know more about the advantages and the disadvantages here.

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Pre Requisites:

Go through the list below you go out to root honor 3x pro, and make sure that you have them done.


Grab the root kingo app from the download link below. It is required for the tutorial to root the device, and is essential. Also note that you need to unlock it from the locker box below.


  • Open and launch the root kingo on the laptop or pc.
  • Now connect the phone to it with the help of a USB cable.
  • Root Kingo will take some time to connect the device meanwhile.
  • Now as it does, click on the ‘Root’ button which will kick off the process.
  • kingo-root-now
  • You will be able to see the progress of the rooting on the screen.
  • kingo-rooting-in-process
  • As soon as it finishes, disconnect the device from the USb and reboot it.
  • kingo-root-complete
  • You’re done, you will have root access on honor 3x pro.

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If in case you faced any issue, please contact us or comment below. I hope that this post helped you out to root huawei honor 3x pro easily and within minutes.

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