How to Root Huawei Ascend G510 Without PC

Here is a tutorial to help you to root Huawei Ascend Mate G510 and increase it’s performance and its customizations. So let’s begin with the procedure.

Before you Root Huawei Ascend Mate G510:

Before you begin with the procedure to root Huawei ascend g510, you should be knowing about android rooting and the things related to it. In case you aren’t aware what it is and you are a beginner then you should be spending some time to get to know about it before you root your phone. And here is a little brief intro about the android rooting and things related. Of course if you are well aware of it, you can skip this part and move onto the next section.

Android Rooting is a method by which you get the full control on your android device. You are able to control it fully including the system processes and changing or modifying the interface from the source. You could even change a rom or a kernel which directly communicates with your processor. As that ability is temporarily locked so that users don’t end up messing up with something and harming their respective devices. You can read more about android rooting here. There are many advantages of rooting your android device as you can increase its performance, memory or RAM. And there are so many tweaks which can be performed on the device. But it also has some disadvantages like it will void the manufacturers warranty on the phone if you root it and there are many others too. And you might want to check out on other disadvantages before begin to root.

About the Tutorial:

In this tutorial we will root Huawei ascend g510 with the help of a app which we will install on the phone and it will get us the root access. You don’t require a pc or a computer to root your phone with the help of this tutorial. And it is completely safe as it has been tried and tested on many device, so you got nothing to worry about.

Pre Requisites:

Here are some. Things which need your attention before you begin with the procedure to root Huawei Ascend G510.


So as to follow the instructions to root the huawei ascend g510, you will need the apk file for the framaroot and you can download it from the link below. You would have to unlock it before and also it is advised that you download it directly to your phone to save time in transferring it.


  • Open the apk file of framaroot in the phone and install the app.
  • As it installs, run it.
  • Select the option ‘Install SuperSU‘ from the first drop down menu.
  • After that tap on the option ‘Gandalf‘.
  • Framaroot-gandalf
  • Let the app take some time while it flashes some scripts and roots your phone for you.
  • Framaroot-message-Success
  • As soon as it completes, reboot the phone.

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That’s it, after your phone boots up, you will have the root access on it. So this is how you root Huawei ascend g510. I hope this post helped you out.

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