Install CWM Recovery on Huawei Ascend Mate M860

So looking to install custom recovery or cwm on your huawei ascend mate? Well here is a post which will help you out pretty easily, and get you sorted fast enough. With the new recovery or custom cwm installed on your device, you will able to get the most out of your rooted device, with the power to flash roms, and flashable zips right from the phone itsellf, and add tons and tons of features on your android device.

Before you Install CWM on Huawei Ascend Mate M860:

Before you begin, you should have a basic knowledge, so as to about what custom recoveries really are. If you are not a beginner and have been into this scenario, from a long time now, then you can skip this part of the post, and jump onto the next one. But on the other hand, this is really your first time, you should take out time, and do a bit more research on recoveries, and what they really are.Recovery is a menu that let’s you control the device, even when the ROM, or the interface crashes. Recoveries are also a backup option when the interface malfunctions, it is like a master control menu, which is installed at the core. Now the recovery which comes pre installed on the device is really not that customizable, and won;t let you things do, which android has a potential of. So if you install a custom recovery, you get those options to exploit the android work space. CWM recovery is a well know custom recovery software, that helps you perform many functions like installing ROMs, and much more. This was just a brief introduction of recoveries, if you want more, you should probably read this blog post.


Pre Requisites:

There are some things that you are required to do before you begin with the tutorial, and have them in place. They are mentioned below in the list, make sure you have these sorted, before you begin.

  • Make sure the device is properly charged, we advise you that it should be charged upto 70%.
  • Installing CWM recovery on the ascend mate, will not wipe any of the data, but still backup your important stuff, before you proceed.
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  • Download the required file from the download section below.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you need to have Root access on the device, i.e., you have to root your device, if you haven’t already, refer to the post below.

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You will have to download the file from the link below, if you are looking to proceed with this tutorial to install cwm on huawei ascend mate m860. Also not to forget, and to mention that the link below has been locked, and you will have to unlock it from the locker box below.


  • Install the APK device from the download section onto the phone.
  • Launch the ‘Recovery Installer’ application from the app drawer.
  • Now select the option, ‘Install recovery’ .
  • Now the app will ask you to grant it the root access, select ‘Grant‘.
  • After that, finally select the option ‘Reboot into Recovery‘.
  • The phone will then launch the device into the recovery mode, and you will have the CWM up and running on the phone.

This is it, this was a short tutorial on how to install cwm recovery on huawei ascend mate m860, if you did face any error whilst in the middle of the procedure, do contact us below and we would try to get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.


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