How to Hide Files/Media on Android | No Root | 3 Ways

Facing some issues while keeping privacy on your android device ? Are you deleting personal pictures from your android device so that you can just keep your privacy to the mark ? If Yes then Don’t Worry as this post will cover all the possible and existing methods and also some new methods to Hide Files from People you don’t want show.

Even your android will deny its existence given the fact that you can always restore them any time you want.

In this Post i will let you know about the 3 very distinctive ways of hiding media or any other file extension from other apps to access. Not even your Gallery will show the images and  videos that you have hidden.

hdie files media on android

So after applying any of these methods which suit you you can easily hand over your device to your family/girlfriend or anybody without even worrying about the Pics that you want to hide from them.

We have 3 basic ways which will tackle all kind of situations for a person according to the needs, one if he wants to hide a large bunch of Files at once without making any hassle. Secondly, we have the method to specifically hiding one file. Thirdly, i will tell you about all the best applications from Google play, which is not a good method but a very easy one for those who don’t even want to tap their android a few times to get to it.

The 3 Ways which i will be teaching you to hide files on android are as follows:

  • How to Hide Files or any Media in a large number on Android. (All at once)
  • How to Hide Files or any Media when being very specific about a few files on Android.
  • How to Hide Files or any Media using 3rd Party Applications on Android.(No Root Required)

Every method has its Pro’s and Con’s being with its specifics. Also These are not very professional way to hide files. These are just some android tweaks that will keep your stuff safe from general spoofers but in case you are tackling a very geeky android guy who knows what he is dealing with, he may be able to bypass these easily, as this is no rocket science. Also when using 3rd party Apps to hide files or stuff one can easily clear the data of the application by going into app details, by which either you will loose your data or one will bypass the lock. SO both ways you loose.

Try the 1st and the 2nd methods, if you find then tricky and difficult for your level then go for the third not so safe method.

For a start you have to have installed a File Explorer with some functionality like creating files and folders adn renaming them onto your android, if you already have a File Explorer then you can continue else you will have to download the best File Explorer on Android by Making a social donation by liking us or giving us a +1.

Please head on and click on any of the buttons to download the Application that you need to go further.

How to Hide Files or any Media in a large number on Android. (All at once)

So starting with the 1st method to Hide Files or any Media in a large number on Android. To follow this you should know what will happen and what are its benefits, effects and advantages over other methods.

This method is used to hide large number of files placed in one distinct directory or Folder. all the files within the folder will be hidden and no app can access these files.

we have further 2 methods to do this.

Making a hidden folder and placing all files in it

In this method we will create or rename the present folder and make it and its content hidden.

  • First of all you need to create a new Folder in ES file Explorer or Rename a Present Folder which is present in your memory card.
    Es file eplorer hide creat file root my android copy
  • Now while Naming the new folder or renaming the present folder add a “.” (Period) as the 1st letter.
  • So the Folder name will be as “.Folder”.
  • Click done to create it.
  • that’s it.
  • you have a hidden folder everything you copy and paste inside this folder will be hidden from any app on your android.

This method will hide many things at once including the folder we created or renamed. When browsing the file explorer we can see these folder a bit lighter in shade than other. but in the settings we can also hide hidden folders and files to hide this even from the file explorer.

Hiding files in a normal Folder

This method will have the basic output as the above method had, just the difference is that in this method we will not hie the folder in which we have the files to be hidden. we will just hide the files which are present in it.

Note: This will only Work for Media Files, Files such as Document or any other application data will be visible , only media files will be hidden by this method

  • Open ES File Explorer.
  • Open the folder whose media contents you wanna hide.
  • Create a New File rather than Folder.
  • Now name the file as it is as “.nomedia”.
    Root My Android Hide files es file explorer copy
  • Thats it. Now the contects that will ever be added to the folder will be hidden.

I hope you got the difference between the two methods above. Now moving on to the next distinct method.

How to Hide Files or any Media when being very specific about a few files on Android

Using this method we will not be hiding anything in multiples ro not any directory centered hiding is concerned here.

We will just pick up the file which we wanna hide from any where in the directory system and hide it as given below.

  • Open ES File Explorer.
  • navigate to the file into the Explorer.
  • Tap on the file/Media.
  • Now select Rename Option from the different actions available.
  • While Renaming it just add a “.” (dot) in front of the name of the file.
  • Now save it.
  • That’s it the file will now be hidden from any application that can read the extensions ame as that of the application.

Remember this method is entirely different from the above 2 methods as this method does not deals with the bulk hiding of data, rather we have to select a specific file or media for this to work.

Now if you find these Methods very difficult for your intellect or are good to go for an engineer but you can;t handle this thing, then head on to the third method to Hide Files on android. Of Course when using the 3rd method you will have to face certain problems and issues, which i will be discussing in the next part of this post.

How to Hide Files or any Media using 3rd Party Applications on Android.(No Root Required)

Here i will show you how to Hide Files or any Media using 3rd Party Applications on Android, and those who are worrying about the Root access must know that this doesn’t require root access. This is the best automated kind of method here. This method has many disadvantages as i will list them all below.

Firstly, We are gonna install some android apps which will eat up your internal memory of your device.Secondly, Many apps will eat up hell lot of RAM when not even running in foreground. Thirdly, The apps are not reliable as with another android update the data may get out of track.

These apps are actually based on the above tricks but doesn’t make you do anything. Some applications listed below will make a secret locker like vault which will be placed in your memory card. so the more you encrypt the data the more space the app will consume on your memory leaving less space for more apps and degrading performance.

The best Application that we will recommend for Hiding purpose is the very latest and productive app – Androidgnito.

Androignito: hide your personal files easily with one app

Androignito root my android hdie files

We will prefer the above application over any app listed below. though the apps listed below work flawlessly great, but Androignito has some exceptional features to offer.

Below is a list of Apps which we have Thoroughly Segregated from others and are the best for the purpose.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty (Free)

Hide It Pro (Free)

Hide pictures – KeepSafe Vault (Free)

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos (Free)

So This was how to Hide Files and media on Android device. Follow us for more Posts Like this.

If you have any Questions with this Procedure please comment !

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