How to Hard Reset LG X Venture

hard-reset-LG X Venture

There are many scenarios in which one needs to reset the phone. And not just simply reset the phone, but hard reset it. So if you are looking to do the same, this post is going to help you with hard rest LG X Venture.

Before you Hard Reset your X Venture:

You should not rush into the process and just move ahead and hard reset your phone. As there are some things, which you should e knowing about before you proceed. When you hard reset your phone, all the data on the phone is erased. And generally, it is done so that you can get a refreshed device back again. As it was when it came new for the first time.

hard-reset-LG X Venture

Since all the data on the phone will get deleted, it only makes sense that you back it up before you proceed and follow the instructions to wipe and hard reset LG X Venture. So you can follow the guides linked below to help you backup some of the data on the phone if you already don’t know how to do it.



  • First of all, make sure that your phone is properly charged.
  • Boot your phone into the Recovery Mode.
  • To do that, Press the Volume Down and Power Buttons.
  • Keep pressing the buttons, until the LG logo appears.
  • As soon as it does, release the buttons.
  • In the recovery menu, chose the option, ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option.
  • The recovery will then ask you for confirmation, and remind you that the data will be lost.
  • Proceed, and let the recovery initiate and complete the process.
  • As it finishes, reboot the phone from the recovery main menu.

This is it. You have successfully done the procedure to hard reset LG X Venture. The phone might take some time to boot up, as it is the first time. Follow the directions on the screen, to help the booting process. In case you faced any error or any problem, you can get to us in the form of comments. We will try to get back and solve the error you are facing as soon as possible. I hope this post helped you out.

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