How to Boot LG Rumor Reflex LN272 into Recovery Mode

LG-Rumor Reflex LN272

Booting or entering recovery mode on a phone cannot be done from settings or the power menu. It has a different procedure and spends from one phone to the other. If you want to boot or enter recovery mode on lg Rumor Reflex LN272, then this post is going to help you do so easily.

Before you Boot Recovery:

Android recovery helps you to perform many functions on your android device which you aren’t able to perform otherwise under settings. It helps you to perform things like wiping the system cache, hard reset and apply manual updates to the phone. So if you want to perform any function, you will have to enter recovery mode on lg Rumor Reflex LN272 and the instructions below will help you do so.

LG-Rumor Reflex LN272

Just follow the instructions below and you will have the recovery mode on the phone.


  • Press the Volume Down and Power Buttons simultaneously.
    1. lg-recovery-mode
  • Keep holding these buttons until the screen switches off and the logo appears.
  • As it does, now release the buttons.
  • The phone will then reboot into the recovery mode.
  • You can navigate in the menu with the help of Volume Buttons and select an option with the help of Power Button.

So this is it, it was this simple. If you didn’t end up in recovery, try once again and if still it happens again and again so comment below, we will try to help you out soon. Note that if some of your buttons are damaged, and you are not able to press the combination. You can get an app from the play store, which will be helping you to do so. As it will be helping you to boot into the recovery, with just a single touch.

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