How to Boot LG G4c in Recovery Mode

Recovery-Mode on-LG-G4c

This post will help you with the process of rebooting or entering the recovery mode on your LG G4c. It can be done with the help of the simple instructions given in the post without any hassle.

A little about Android Recovery:

Android Recovery is a menu which is installed on every android phone. It helps users with many tasks which generally cannot be performed that efficiently using interface of android. It helps with the functions like a hard reset, wiping Dalvik cache, system cache, and many other more features. Also, it can help you. To flash manual android updates, flash roms, kernels and much more.

Recovery-Mode on-LG-G4c

Below are the instructions which will be helping you to reboot log G4c into recovery.


  • Press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.
  • lg-recovery-mode
  • Keep on holding these buttons for about 5-6 seconds.
  • Release the buttons as you see a black screen and the logo starts to appear.
  • After you release the buttons, the phone will open recovery automatically.
  • In the menu, you can scroll with the help of Volume Buttons and select an option with the help of Power Button.

So this is it. It was this simple to boot your lg phone into recovery mode. In case you have any damaged buttons and are not able to use the key combination. You can use an app from Play Store, which will help you with an Advanced Reboot menu.

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