How to Install CWM on HTC One X


Looking for a way to install CWM on HTC One X? Well here is a simple and a detailed tutorial which will help you out with the procedure to do so.

Before you Install CWM on HTC One X:

A Custom recovery is a utility installed on every android smartphone, for solving some basic functions, like installing updates, factory resetting the device in case the user interface back fires, or any other issues. It also provides with many of the other functions like caching options, and many more. But as obvious the recovery installed by the manufacturer of the device, which is a stock recovery is not that powerful, and does not let you even flash a ROM. So generally user go ahead and flash a custom recovery which is way more powerful and lets you fully enjoy the root access and explore it’s potential.


In this tutorial we will install the custom recovery on the device with the help of a computer which is help us to do so by flashing the image files for the recovery. It might seem to be a tricky tutorial, but if you follow the instructions carefully, it seems pretty easy. So let’s begin.

Pre Requisites:

Here are some of the pre requisites, that you will have to get done before you can finally begin with the instructions part of the tutorial.

  • Download the files from the download section below.
  • A Computer or a Laptop with the proper drivers installed for the device.
  • Charge your device to atleast 60 percent.
  • Backup all the data on the device, though it will not deleted but still to maintain a precaution.
  • You can refer to the following guides if you want to.
  • Read: Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup
  • Get the root access on the device, if you haven’t already.

Tutorial: Root HTC One X

Download Requirements:

Download the files from the link bellow as they are essential for the tutorial to root the device and also note that you will have to unlock them before you can proceed and use them.


  • After unlocking the bootloader, extract the fastboot files. There should be 4 files and place them into a single folder on your computer.
  • Now place the CWM recovery file into the same folder.
  • In the same folder, open the command prompt window. Do that by holding the shift button and right clicking to select the “Open command window here”. This will launch the command prompt window.
  • Now turn off your One X and connect it to the computer.
  • Now boot it into the fastboot mode by pressing and holding the power button and volume down button. Then select the fastboot mode option by navigating with your volume keys and selecting with the power button.
  • Once the device boots into the fastboot mode, go to the command prompt window and type the command “fastboot devices”.
  • This should display the One X.
  • Now type in the command “fastboot flash recovery r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img” and hit enter.
  • Once the flashing is done, type in the enxt command as “fastboot reboot”.
  • This will reboot your device. Once it reboots your device, enter the recovery mode by repeating step 5. You will enter the custom recovery mode.

So this is it, you by now have successfully installed the cwm on HTC One X, and if in case you faced any problem, feel free to comment below or contact us and someone from our team would get back to you soon.

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