Flash custom recovery on Galaxy Pocket Plus

Looking to install and flash CWM on your Galaxy Pocket Plus? here is a tutorial that will help you out, pretty easily have to set up the recovery and install it on your device with in a few minutes, and then you can do whatever in the world you were looking for after having a custom recovery on your device. So why wait,let us begin?

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Before you Flash CWM on Pocket Plus:

Before you begin, with the procedure, you must be knowing some basic stuff about the recovery, and rooting and all. if in case you are well aware of it, and having been doing these kind of things, then you can of course skip this part of the tutorial, there is no doubt about it. But in case this is your first time, and you are also not confident about it, then you might want to do more research on this stuff, and have the full knowledge about it, before you flash cwm on pocket plus. custom recovery is a module that has been deployed onto your android phone, for some special functions. as it gives a proper control to you, using a stock recovery you are able to apply update packages manually, wipe the cache, and also factory reset the device from the recovery in case of emergencies. And not only this there are many other functions that a recovery does. But stock recovery that the company deploys in your andorid smartphone, has some limitations. And hence, we flash a custom third party recovery on the device, which has better functions, is more powerful and also versatile, like for example, it can let you install custom ROMs through it, and much more. Also flash kernels and other flashable stuff on the device. And hence if you are looking to get the most out of your device, by changing the ROM, or the kernel, then definitely you got to have a custom recovery installed on the device. Also there are many types of custom recoveries available for the android smartphones, and the most famous ones are the CWM, and TWRP. in this tutorial we will flash CWM on pocket Plus. And if in case you are looking to know more, you can read what is CWM?


Also note that you will need to root the device, and get other things, such as backup the important data and other things, which I have mentioned in the pre requisites section below too. So surely get them done.

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Pre requisites:

Before you begin there are some things, that are needed to be done, things that are required to be done in the first place. And below is list comprising of all those things, so make sure you get them done before beginning with the procedure to flash CWM on Galaxy Pocket Plus.

  • Make sure that the device is properly charged,  mean I tell this to users every time, if you’re not looking for interruptions in the middle, you might want to charge the device to at least 60 percent.
  • You will also need root access to the device. There is link to the guide below, you can refer to that.
  • Before beginning with any procedure, backup all your important data, as anything might happen, so you want that your data is always protected and safe in the first place.
  • You can refer to the guides below, in case you don’t know how to do it.
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup
  • Backup and Restore SMS
  • Download the files required for the procedure, from the download section below.
  • You also need a app, named as Terminal Emulator, which you can download from the Play Store.


Below are the files, that you need to download, as they are required for the procedure, to flash cwm on pocket plus. Also note that, the links have been hidden, and so as to unlock them, you will have to perform any of the mentioned tasks below, and then only you will be able to download the required stuff.

How to Install CWM on Galaxy Pocket Plus:

So here are the final step by step instructions that you need to follow, so as to install, and flash cwm on pocket plus. I hope that you have gone through the previous sections thoroughly, and hence you are all set foor the final procedure, so let us roll.

  • First of all, transfer the downloaded image of the recovery on to the SD card.
  • Launch the terminal emulator app, that you had installed on the device in the pre requisite section of the tutorial.
  • copy and paste the following command on to the window.
  • su
    dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6
  • And then it will start flashing of cwm on pocket plus,, and let you know once the process is complete.
  • So this was it.

Yes it was as simple as that, so this was a really short and precise method on how to flash CWM on Galaxy Pocket Plus, and if in case you face any errors while in the middle of the process, lke the download links, do not work, or any other error. You can contact us, or also get to us  in the form of comments below, and our team would try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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