Download GApps for All Android Versions

Gapps are needed to be installed after flashing the ROMs, so that you can get all the Google Play services and related apps on your new interface. And that is the place from where they get their name as Gapps. Also Gapps package can be installed from the recovery. Gapps package are of different types, depending on whether the apps are signed or unsigned, whether they carry minimal apps like Play Store, and just a few Play Services, or the package includes a variety of the services directly from Google. The Gapps package are also dependent on the Android version you are running. So if you install a Android 4.4 Gapps package, on a Android 5.0 ROM, it won’t work. SO before downloading make sure that you download the correct Gapps package for yourself.


Version Full Name Download
Android 5.0 Download
Android 4.4.x Download
Android 4.4.x (Minimal Gapps) Download
Android 4.3.x Download
Android 4.2.2 Download
Android 4.1.x Download
Android 4.0.3-4 Download
Android 2.3.x Download
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