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Android Users have alot to complain as when it comes to bulk writing on Android the default keyboards on the Android are not simply enough to get you going, or if you’re looking for more typing speed and then you might look for Different Keyboards for Android. The are different keyboards for Android available on App Store, but again every one has pros and cons. If you’re looking for perfect results you will have to get the best keyboard, otherwise any one would do. You could use these different keyboards for Android to enhance your writing flexibility and accuracy along with increased speed, just like a cherry on the cake. So here is a list of Best and many kinds of Different Keyboards for Android , depending upon their performance.


 Different KeyBoards For Android | SWYPE


There are many and lots of different keyboards for Android phones, but Swype has been a famous name in the industry from a long time now. The concept of the keyboard is a bit out of track, but it really works well. You don’t need to tap on any key to get it on the screen, you just need to swipe your finger across the keys you wish to write, and this keyboard would make the word and even fill in the letter that you might have missed out. This sounds a bit awkward and when you first use it, it might seem a bit harder than the usual keyboard too but once you are used to it, the speed with which you could write would be even faster than your typing speed on a computer and that too one handed. So from different kinds of keyboards for  Android , this keyboards works pretty well. Also the company keeps on adding many new gestures to improve your typing and user experience too.

Get the Beta version from here : SWYPE | Different keyboards for Android


Different Keyboards for Android | Swift key


If we are talking about swiping keyboards and we don’t mention Swift Key it would be unfair. From different keyboards for android this app has also made it’s impact in the store. This app also has a swiping gesture just as the SWYPE keyboard, however it is my personal favourite, I have been using it from a couple of months now, and I am satisfied to the fullest with this application. You might be amazed, but nowadays I write many posts from my Android Phone using the SwiftKey, this one is included on the list too. THis keyboard has some special gestures that others don’t offer. It learns from your typing behaviour and then it learns your slang words you use, and the best part is it also suggests and incomplete sentence, and auto-fills it. This app has been topping the charts many a times on the Play Store, and I think that is alone a reason to try out this app.

Different Keyboards For Android | Go Keyboard


The Go Developer team has been working on improving the Androidwidgets to increase the flexibility and the user experience of the Android Platform, and this Go Keyboard is designed for the same. This keyboard would not do predictions for you, neither you have to swipe on it. But this one offers some great functions that the other on the list do not provide at all. This keyboard is highly customizable you have around 60 templates and designs to choose from which suit you the best. And then the one which suits the best to you, you could use that.

Final Verdict :

So these were different keyboards for android. Everyone on the list is a master and one of it’s kind. So you could choose which functionality would suit you the best, whether the predictions , just the normal swiping or the different layouts of keyboards , and keyboards in different sizes.  So I hope this would help you a bit.

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