Install CWM and Unlock Bootloader of HTC Desire 601

There are a lot of benefits to install a Custom Recovery, for instance like CWM on HTC Desire 601. With the custom Recovery you will be able to flash ROMs, and Apply updates and manage your device more efficiently as compared to the stock recovery. HTC Desire 601 is a pretty good, device and you can surely increase the productivity of your deivce, by installing cwm as it will help you to do many things.


But for those who are still wondering what cwm is, it is a custom recovery that replaces the stock recovery that has been install on every android device, by the manufacturer. It is like the last resort, as when your device fails, you can recover it from recovery. In case of bootloops, etc. From it, you can wipe cache and do many things. Read more about CWM Recovery here.

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So this tutorial has two parts, the first one will teach you how to unlock the bootloader of htc desire 601, and the other part will instruct you to install cwm.



Here are some pre requisites that you should have before we start with the procedure.

  • A laptop or a computer with proper drivers installed on it.
  • Also before starting make sure that you have atleast 70 percent battery, as you do not want insufficient battery to interrupt the procedure of installing cwm on desire 601.
  • Though if you follow this tutorial, you would not delete or lose your data. but still it is advisable that you should backup your important data first.
  • Backup and Restore SMS
  •  Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Also download all the files mentioned below in the download section


Download the files given below as they will be required in the procedure to install cwm on htc desire 601.

Unlock Bootloader:

First of all you need to unlock the bootloader of HTCDesire 601. And that is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow the simple steps written below.

  • First of all to unlock the bootloader of htc desire 601, you need to visit this link.
  • Now make an account , and if in case you already have one, log in.
  • Now here in follow the steps, the website says so as to unlock your bootloader.
  • Also note that just after you unlock bootloader of desire 601, you will lose warranty.

So now after you have unlocked the bootloader of Desire 601, we are ready to move to the next part of the tutorial, that is installing cwm on desire 601.

Install CWM on Desire 601:

So follow these simple steps to install or in other terms flash the cwm recovery on your device.

  • Download the CWM file, and the ADB file, whose download links are given in the downloads section above.
  • Switch the device, and then press the Power + Volume Down buttons.
  • A Menu will appear, you need to select the Fastboot option.
  • Now connect the desire 601 to a laptop or computer whatever, on which you downloaded the ADB file.
  • Extract the ADB file.
  • Now copy the recovery image file to that extracted ADB folder.
  • Now run command prompt on the computer, and type in the following command.
  • c:cd c :/ androidfastboot flash recovery philz_touch_6.08.7-zara.img
  • And with this command CWM recovery will get installed on your desire 601.
  • Then switch off the device, again and then press Volume + Power buttons.
  • And then select the CWM recovery on your device.

And this is it, this was a short tutorial on how to unlock bootloader and install cwm on htc desire 601. If in case you face any problems do contact us or use the comment box below and let us know, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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