5 Best Custom ROMS for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

 In this post there is a list of the best custom ROMS for Galaxy Nexus Verizon.

One of the best benefits of having a Nexus device is that you get to use and are exposed to the developed in the third party areas ike the ROMS, etc. Though the Nexus devices get the updates soon enough after the new versions are released but the stock android still does not have the gestures like the ROMS I have listed below do. So you should be atleast trying these ROMS out. But before actually installing them, make sure you have rooted you verizon galaxy nexus and have installed  a recovery on Galaxy nexus i505 device. Have a list of the best custom roms for galaxy nexus on verizon. Enjoy!

But before you begin, make sure that you have the root access on the phone, and so as to do that, you can use the Root Checker App, first and then only proceed further.

Best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Nexus Verizon List :

Vanir Custom ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus :

This is a really cool custom ROM for the Verizon Galaxy nexus users out there, namely using the Nexus i505. The ROM is based on Android 4.3, so you won’t be missing out on the latest gestures of the OS. There are no bloatwares or any of the unstable additions on the board. There are many features included into the ROM, the features of other ROMS like AOKP, CM, CNA, EOS etc. The other ROM features include full GCC 4.8 linaro tool chain, along optimized cflags & -O3, customizations for speed launcher 2, Custom User interface theming, beats custom drivers 5.1 embedded into ROM, A-GPS enhancements, more volume, improved performance, custom tweaks in browsers, better torch, optimized networking, good mutli-tab browsing, no bloatwares, and much more. To install this custom ROM for Galaxy Nexus Verizon, simply flash it in the recovery mode, but first wipe cache, data etc. Also after flashing the custom ROM for galaxy nexus verizon, flash GAPPS.TO Download please hit any of the buttons below.

Have a look at some of the screen shots below of nexus verizon.



Avatar ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus:

This custom ROM for Galaxy NexusVerizon  is a really good looking ROM which will make your phone look more crispy and cool. It differs from the Stock Android looks, as there are some color changes in the system. But sadly it is based on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and CM 10.1, but we’re expecting an update based on the Android 4.3 soon.  Some of the advanced features which differ from the Cm 10.1 are (which is it’s base), you have an option to change themes to even diversify your looks of the Galaxy Nexus. You are given a Play Store like app by which yo can download various themes, cool MIUI converted themes and also CM themes are on board. Bazooka launcher, which is a special launcher an enhanced version of the Trebuchet Launcher which you find in Cyanogenmod. Also an dockbar has been added to enhance the theming effects, and also many new customization options added. Many gestures added like Swipe-Up, Swipe-Down, Double Tap, Home-Button press added, an option “Edit Workspace” added in the menu. The message threads have also been changes in this ROM to make it themable, also emoticons are themable. You can also change fonts, there are tons of roms for verizon galaxy nexus to change fonts. Also the lockscreen has been tweaked to make it themable, and many more things have bee done in the custom rom for galaxy ace i505, which makes it highly customizable and themable too. Download the ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus here.


PACman TOR Custom ROM:

This ROM is another beautiful coded ROM and works well with that amount of tweaks. As the name suggests the ROM packs all of the tweaks from three roms, P for Paranoid Android, A for AOKP, and C for Cyanogenmod, which makes the PACman ROM. IF you love the stock looks of the Android, this ROM is definitely a must try on the list. And also it gives you all the gestures of the three major ROMS being developed, and updated. THe ROM has three user interfaces, the Tablet Interface, the Phone interface, and the phablet interface. It has all the features of Paranoid Android, all the features of Cyanogenmod, and some of the features of AOKP ROM.Also there are parts from Slimbean, Rootbox, Carbon, and also it is a Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon galaxy nexus which makes the this ROM much more interesting. So you should definitely try this ROM and let me tell you You will definitely love it. As far installing this ROM is concerned you can Download the ROM file and GApps and then in the recovery mode, Wipe the Data, and then flash them and continue to enjoy this. This is a official firmware from PACman, so chances are almost negligible you would find a bug. Hit one of the buttons to unlock the download link.



AOSPA Paranoid Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Custom ROM:

This is AOSPA Paranoid Android 3.99-RC2 build. Tjis ROM is based on the Android 4.3. To install similarly install the ROM in the recovery mode along GApps to flash data.And also make sure that you flash the Android 4.3 GApps package with Android 4.3 Based ROMS for Optimum results. I think there no need to list the features of the Paranoid ROM as you guys must be knowing about it. It is sincerely a very good ROM and you must definitely try it out too. The gestures in this ROM are awesome. The Pie control is also awesome. Downlad the ROM from here.


Pure TORO Android 4.3 Verizon ROM :


This custom ROM for galaxy Nexus is purely AOSP and nothing else. There are no unnecessary tweaks or anything useless in the ROM. It is simple fast, and superb. The ROM is truly close to AOSP with fewest changes in it’s source. It is deodexed, Stock Recovery has been removed, Google edition SUn Beam added, Google boot animation added, location bug fixed, Unrestricted tethering, bluetooth has been fixed, fixed face unlock, location services added, fixed touchboost, fixed Google backup, fixed alram tile and much more. Other features of this custom rom for verizon Nexus include Toro, Halo, LED settings, Navigation bar buttons, Lockscreen shortcuts, customizable quick settings, and much more. You can download this ROM from here. If you’re for something simple, fast, and effective this should be your first choice.

So this was a short list of the best custom ROMS for Galaxy Nexus on Verizon i505. I hope this helped.

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