Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia C

Sony Xperia C is a decent device from Sony. However after some time the interface of an android phone seems to hang and lack due to all the unwanted bloat, and the unwanted files that keep on generating. And the best way to get rid of them is to flash a custom ROM, for a change, and also to boost some of the performance of the interface, by changing it with a lighter one, or a new one. So if you are looking to flash some of the custom ROMs on your Xeria C, here are some of the ROMs which are worth considering for the job. So below are some of the custom ROMs for Xperia C.

Make sure that the Xperia C is rooted, before you install any custom rom. Check the Root Access of the Phone with the help of Root Checker Pro.

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Lollipop Xperia Z B.2.16:

This is a stock liike looking lollipop ROM with a few modifications done to it. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the ROM interface looks pretty neat, and it performs quiet fluid as well. Main features of this ROM include the Lollipop Themes, fonts, Xperia Launcher for the Lollipop Version, Keyboard, and all other Lollipop elements, that are to be included in any Sony official lollipop ROM. It is pre rooted, deodexed, modded and does not have any camera bugs. The ROM is a good package, overall.




The installation procedure for the ROM is a bit different from the others, and so as to do it, follow the steps below.

  • After you have rooted, and installed cwm on the device ( Make sure the Xperia C is updated to the atleast the firmware 16.0.B.2.16)
  • place both the downloaded ROM files onto the SD card.
  • Boot into CWM, delete/wipe data and cache including dalvik cache.
  • Then flash the first ROM fiel, with the umber ‘1’ at the end in it’s name.
  • Reboot the device after that, and let it boot.
  • After the initial boot setup, when you see your homescreen, right then boot into the recovery mode again, and flash the second part of the ROM file which came along.
  • Reboot the device, and the ROM should work fine, updating you to Android 5.0 Lollipop on Xperia C.

Below is the download link for the ROM.

Cyanogenmod 12.1:

Cyanogenmod needs no introduction. If you want the best of the pure android experience on your xperia c, this is the ROM to flash right now on your device. Though at the time of writing this post, the ROM was still in alppha phase, and there were some of the bugs, but still it is worth a try, if you are that kind of of a user, who wants the android stock experience on the device, even if he/she has to suffer some disadvantages. The installation procedure is same, just make sure that if you are coming from a Sony Stock ROM, then you would have to wipe the data completely, if not, you can do a dirty flash, if you were previously on a CM based ROM. This ROM of course is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1. You can keep following the thread here. Download the ROM from the link below.

Lollipop Like Z3 ROM for Xperia C:

This is yet another lollipop rom for your xpeira c, just like the first one in the list, but this one has some of the different elements, and a bit different user interface transitions and styles. Some of the features include, Xperia Z3 lollipop launcher, Z3 wallpapers, z3 looking like clock, keyboard, setup guide etc.

Zperia Z3 like Navigation bar, busy bx installed, deodexed, pre rooted. An many minor changes in the user interface, which you can make out in the screenshots attached. The installation procedure is same, and standard. Wiping the data, and flashing the ROM after wiping the cache. Download links are after the screenshots.



KitKat 4.4.4 for Xperia C:

Here is a bit old of the ROMs. Though it is based on KitKat, still I included this on the list, as some of the users prefer using the KitKat, as they find it better. So if you are one of the those, this is the best KitKat experience you will be getting in a custom ROM with the Xperia C. Basically the ROM is based on Stock, and will bring in the features of the Sony KitKat experience in case you haven’t received the KitKat updte officially yet. Or rather are looking to downgrade the device from Lollipop, this ROM could be a great option to do so. The ROM is deodexed, pre rooted, and tweaked for some customizations. All the Android 4.4.4 animations, features etc. Xperia Z1 Keyboard, Z1 clock, and all the z1 elements. It will make your device, just look like the Xperia Z1, of course talking from the interface perspective. Before flashing this device, make sure that you have updated the device to the  16.0.B.2.13 firmware. Installation guide is the same, flashing the ROM after wiping data and cache. Download link is after the screenshots.




Xperia Z3-EdEx ROM:

This is yet another ROM which bring in the Sony stock lollipop experience to the xperia C. This ROM for Xperia C, is based on the Sony Lollipop interface, as you can make out from the screenshots. The main features of the ROM include, lollipop system user interface along with the themes, lollipop sounds, framework etc. It is pre rooted as well as deodexed, xposed framework has been installed on the rom. Beat Audio Management, z2 camera framework, new transitions and much more. Again installing this ROM is pretty simple, follow the standard procedure of flashing from the recovery after wiping/deleting the data and the cache. Download links are after the screenshot.





So this is it, these were some of the ROMs I found which were woorth trying for the Xperia C uusers. If you have any other ROm for Xperia C in mind, do comment below, or reach out to our facebook group to help build the community. if you face any problems, you could comment again, we would try to get back to you asap.

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      Umpreet 2 years ago

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