Best Custom ROMs for LG G2

LG G2 has a great design, and also the interface. But if you are looking for some great ROMs for LG G2, so that you can probsbly change it’s looks and enjoy some of the additional features you are at the right place, my friend. But before we set out to see some of the ROMs for G2, also keep in mind that in order to install a ROM on your device, you must root it first. And also have a recovery installed on it.

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And when you install a ROM on your device, all the data will be lost, so better to backup all your important stuff before you set out to flash a ROM on LG G2. Here below are some f the guides that would help you to backup the data.

Android 4.4.4 ROMs for LG G2 :

Here are some of the Android 4.4.4 ROMs for your G2.

Dirty Unicorn ROM 4.4.4 :

This ROM has been specifically coded keeping stability in mind. As most of the ROMs out there are not stable, even having many customizable options. but this ROM solely concentrates on the Stability and performance. This ROM is a new brand, and no coming from a long time ago as the traditional ones do. There are many features of this ROm for Lg G2, like it has a built in Ad Blocker, Immersive Mode, App Sidebar, Customizable Lockscreen Options, App Ops access in the Settings menu, halo multi tasking tool, Color changing Phasebeam, Suspend Actions, and also a Blacklist for SMS as well as Call.


Not only this, this ROM has many more options, and also miporting many features from the brand ROMs like AOKP, SLIMROMs, Paranoid Android and much more. So as to install this ROM you need to have a compatible recovery for kitkat. Wipe data, and then Flash and reboot the device. And then again go into the recovery mode and then again flash the Gapps and you’re done. You can download the ROM from the links below.

Download ROM


EOS Revival ROM for LG G2:

Team EOS is an initiative that is pretty old now. They were set up at the time of Android ICS release. This ROM has many interesting features, like EOS Weather Engine, NX 2.0 Gesture navigation Interface, T-Mobile Theme Engine, Force Navigation bar, Advanced Power Menu.



So as to install this ROM for LG G2, reboot into the recovery, wipe data, and cache and then flash the ROM file, then flash kernel, and then flash the Gapps, and you’re done. You can download the file from the links below.


 Paranoid Android ROM for LG G2:

We all know the Paranoid Android ROM, as it a really a excellently coded ROM with stability and powerful features. The Most interesting features about Paranoid Android for LG G2, is the Halo Notification system, the display mode, in which you can choose the way your device will behave like a phablet, a phone, or a tablet. And also there are many more features of the paranoid Android ROM, and i think I need not to explain them all here, as it a really popular ROM, and you must be knowing about it. Okay so this firmware, is stable and has no bugs.


So as to install this ROM on LG G2, just download the ROM, boot into  recovery, and perform the full wipe of the device. And then flash the ROm and Gapps, Wipe Cache and Dalvik cache and then run the initial setup and reboot after completion. You will be good to go. You can download the gapps and ROM for Lg G2 from the links below.



 AlegenMod CM11 Unofficial ROM for LG G2:


This ROM is CM11 and built from its source, and is unofficial. Cyanogenmod ROMs provide you the best of the stock vanilla Experience, and also many more customization options. This firmware is quite similar to the nightly version of CM11 and also has many more additional features under the hood. But as the ROM is new, and also unofficial, and based on 4.4.4 version, there are still some bugs in the ROM. So if you cannot handle those, for the sake of the best of vanilla experience, probably this ROM for LG G2 is not a good choice for you. Also the features of this ROM include, OmniSwitch, SLIM PIE, Network Traffic meter, Lockscreen Blur, Indenticons and much much more. Also read more on how to install CM 11 for LG G2 here.

 Vanir AOSP ROM:

Okay, now this ROM is the AOSP built ROM. It is built from the source and not a optimized and tweaked copy of the other known ROMs. Also the ROM coders focused on performance, so there you go. it has the best of the stability you can get. Also along with stability and performance this ROM has got many features like Stock Mode, in which you can switch back to the stock Mode, but for that you’ll have to dump some of the features. It has a custom navbar, navring, and hardware key features that you would probably love to play with.

It has coded Halo, Some statusbar mods, and also the lockscreen blur feature. So as to install this rom for lg g2, you need to boot the device into recovery, and then wipe cache and dalvik cache of the device. Flash the kernel, and then the ROM and then the Gapps and reboot to enjoy. You can download the Kernel, ROM and Gapps for LG G2 from the links below.


Mahdi ROM for G2:

This ROM is another 4.4.4 ROM for you G2. Also not only that, this ROM has a ton of tweaks. Like a Paranoid Android ROM, though it is not a copy of PA. But still the ROM has got many tweaks that will really amaze you. You can read about this ROM over here.  So as to install this ROM, Wipe everything of your device, and then flash the ROM file, and then your variants patch, and Gapps. Also you can read and get complete details about the ROM in the link above.


Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROMs for LG G2:

Here are the 4.4.2 based ROMs for your phone.

Lightning ROM:


The ROM is extremely fast, stable and smooth. The features include Recovery support for KitKat, Viper4Android included, LG G3 theme included, Fixing Sync problem from v2, CouldyKernel, Added LG Email, Memo, Quick Memo, Quick Remote and FM Radio Apps and much more. So as to install this ROM, you should have latest PHILZ Recovery for LG G2, and then make full wipe in the recovery mode, and then flash the ROM. And after that you need to chose the variant of your device in the Aroma Installer App, then flash the Navbar button COmbo Fix, and then flash the quick Remote Fix, and then finally reboot the device and you’re ready to play. Download the files for this ROM from the link below.

Download ROM

Navbar Fix

Quick Remote Fix

Stock KitKat Rooted ROM for LG G2:

Done, this is the last on the list. But definitely some guys are going to love this ROM. As the name says it all, this is the rooted pure Stock Android KitKat ROM for LG G2. No modifications, nothing changed. So if you are a fan of the Google Play Editions, you’re going to love this one. As after installing this ROM your device is going to behave like one. Also the installing method for this ROM is a bit complex. And it would have taken much time and resources for me to write it all up. So you can head to this link here, for you convenience as your device’s safety is important to us.

So this was a short post about the best roms for LG G2 that I could find. if you got any other ROM that deserves to be on the list, do comment below so that other users can enjoy it too. Also if any link seems to be broken or you face any issues, do let us know, we’ll be happy to help. 🙂

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