Best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Grand i19082

In his post is list of three best and all time favorite Custom ROMS for Galaxy Grand i19082.

Galaxy Grand is truly common device nowadays. And so it deserves, it offers great deal of features at that low price. It is a leisure to have the 5 inch screen, trust me. I have been personally using the Galaxy Grand i19082 from about 7 months now. And I have s far enjoyed the journey. So in this post I have written my all time favourite ROMS for galaxy grand. So do mind having a look at these 3 ROMS. I did not included much ROMS, i.e., restricted myself to 3 ROMS for galaxy grand, only as these were the best I sorted out, and also these are the most reliable and worth downloading and have the least bugs reported. So have a look at  best custom ROMS for galaxy grand, and if you face any problem do report me. So as to install a custom ROm you need a recovery installed on Grand.


KitKat ROMs for Galaxy Grand:

Here are the KitKat ROMs for the galaxy grand. Flash them to upgrade to the Android 4.4.2 KitKat version on your grand. If you find any othwer kitkat rom, feel free to contact us, so that we can keep the post up to date.

AOKP 4.4.2 Based Grand:


AOKP is a rom which is based on the Android Open Kang Project. Thsi ROM would also provide you a stock experience, just like the Cyanogenmod. But this ROM has way too many features as compared to any other ROM out there. So if you’re a feature hungry tweaking person, this is the best ROM you can go with. Also this is based on the KitKat, so hands down. AOKP for grand, provides many features and tweaks, like changing the color of the statusbar, adding the navigation bar, changing the transparency settings, of navbar, status bar, and also notification bar. Changing almost everything, and you can control everything on the device. But the RAM management on the ROM is not as perfect, but it does not hang anyway. So it is a good choice to go with, if you want a hell lot of features on your galaxy grand. You can donate to the original developer here.

ProBam ROM Grand:


ProBam is also based on itkat, and Cm as it’s source.It also has Multi Window support, OTA support, and also HALO MODS, and HALO, Navigation bar, and Navigation Ring, Custom CRT Animation, Advanced Battery Bar, App sidebar, Configurable init.d, Lockscreen Blur, LockScreen Notifications by AOSPAL, AD: Display Time out, Network usage stats, Incoming calls dialog, and much more.  Read more about the ProBAM ROM for Grand here.  Download the ROm for Grand from the download link below.

Omni ROM for Grand:


Omni ROM is a new ROM brand in the android scenario. The ROM is basically built from the source from Cyanogenmod, plus it has some more features, that make it more useful and customizable. The ROM has some great features like the Pure Multiwindow is a just a time saver, specially for me. Though it still has some bugs, and not perfect for the use, but it still works like a charm. As the ROM is built ad based on CM 11, so it will bring the KitKat flavour to your grand as well. Also the Omni ROM is reallt stable and the ROM management is as usual great, and you will have to face no lags whatsoever. Also note this ROM would need the new and updated CWM recovery, and also you need to be on the Android 4.2.2 Stock, otherwise the ROM would not boot up. You can download the ROm from the download link below, and also donate tot he original developer of the ROM here.

Carbon 4.4.2 ROM:

Carbon ROM is based on the Android Open Source Project, and so it would gove you the stock experience just as the Cyanogenmod ROMs and other stock based ROMs. The ROM for grand runs smooth, and has a lot of features which can help you personalize your ROM just the way you want. And also the ROM has a fluent and precise RAM management system, so there would be no lags for sure. Though there are some issues with this ROM, like it has some of the minor bugs, like the inbuilt screen video recorder would not work, and also dual SIM. Off course you cannot expect a ROM based on AOSP to be supporting the Dual SIM functionality. This ROM for grand is based on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat, so you would be getting the features, and gestures like the hangouts integration, and also the Google Now integration. To install this ROM on your device, you need to make sure that you are on KitKat ROM, like CM 11, AOKP etc, or eith er you are on 4.2.2 TW based ROM. Make sure, as 4.1.2 TW based ROM would not work, and you would end in a boot loop. And then full wipe and then flash using the new Recovery, and flash the Gapps, and then reboot the device. For more queries you can visit the original thread here. Download the ROM from the download links below.

SlimKat ROM for Grand:


SLIM ROms are one of the best ROMs you can have on your device. These ROms have technically no bloatware at all. SO you can add the personalize the device to the core level, and also as there is no bloatware, and no unwanted and heavy tweaks, so it would be the fastest, and also RAM management would also be good. Also this based on KitKat, so you would get the minimal kitkat features, and you add other features you want, and neglect the ones you do not want to  free up some memory, and speed up the device off course. Apart from that SlimROM has many more features apart fro the being the lightest ROM in the developer arena, you can read more about the features of the ROM from here.  But with this version there are some bugs like the Panorama mode not working in the camera, mute feature won;t work in the calling, WiFi hotspot won’t work, and also manual network search won’t run properly. But these would hopefully fixed in the coming updates. So stay tuned to the original thread and also donate to the developer of this ROM here. The flashing instructions are the same as above. But before you need to install Addons, you can get it here. Then full wipe, and then flash ROM, then flash addons, and then Gapps, and reboot. Make sure you use the updated recovery for flashing the ROM. Download the SlimROM for Grand from the download link below.

CyanogenMod 11 for Grand:


CM needs no introduction I suppose. Cyanogenmod would gove you the best of the stock experience, with fast and easy to use user interface. The RAM management on CM 11 for grand is just perfect, and that is the reason you would hardly see your device hanging. Though there are some of the bugs in the ROM, but they will surely be fixed in the updates released by the developer. LIke the screen record feature does not work, FM radio won’t work. Make sure that you are on 4.2.2 Stock, as this ROm would not boot up on the 4.1.2 Stock ROM. Als make sure that the new CWM is installed on the device. Wipe device, and then Flash the ROM using new recovery, then flash Gapps, and then wipe the cache and then reboot the device. it would work fine. You can donate to the original developer of the ROM here. Download CM 11 for galaxy grand form the download link below.




Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROMs :

GENNXT Custom ROM for Galaxy Grand:

This is one of the most smoothest and the most stable Custom ROM out there for the galaxy Grand users. I have personally tried this ROM out on my Grand i19082. And have faced no major issues, bugs and any kind of time lag in the interface. This custom ROM for galaxy grand has no absurd looks or anything, it will look mostly like the stock ROM for Galaxy Grand, but it gives you much more power and better features than the Stock ROM for Galaxy grand does. So if you are looking for something simple yet, powerful, try this ROM for Galaxy Grand i19082.The ROM is based on the jelly bean 4.2.2. The features of the ROM, it is Deodexed, Rooted, Super User app built in, has pre-installed ClockWorkMod Recovery Air Call Accept app, Adobe flash player integrated, fully customizable, Pop-up browser gesture, Viper Sound Amazing experience, high touch sensitivity, increased legibility, Assistant menu option , haptic feedback, Shake motion added, disabled scrolling cache, 4 way reboot menu, mutli-window all app supported, no Bloatware in the ROM interface. As far as installing this ROM is concerned, you just put the .zip file onto the SD card, and then boot into the recovery mode, you should be having CWM recovery, Wipe Data and Wipe cache, then install “.zip from SD card”. then choose the file and install it, After installing wipe cache partition and also wipe dalvik cache, then reboot the system. And enjoy GENNXT ROM for Galaxy Grand i19082! 🙂 Download the ROM from the link below.

Read: Unroot and install Stock ROM on Grand



Xperia Z ROM for Galaxy Grand i19082:

This is a complete Flavour of Xperia Z 4.2.2 Custom rom for your galaxy grand. If you are a Xperia keen user, hit this ROM now. As you might want to have a customized Xperia Z look on your smartphone. This ROM is a perfect combination of looks and performance. It is really fluid, and transition is buttery smooth. Coming to the features of this ROM for Galaxy grand, it is deodexed, pre rooted so you would still have the root access after flashing this rom for galaxy grand, super user is pre embedded into the ROM, busy box also installed, also one good feature is there are several camera tweaks added, but one good is that the flash will still work even if you are low on battery, Xperia Z Apps added like, Xperia Z modded launcher, Xperia Z Album, Xperia Z Movies, Xperia Z Walkman Player, Xperia Z System sounds, Xperia Z icons, Xperia Z system sounds, Xperia Z Sketch, Also Dolby Effects of Xperia Z added. So it will gove you a complete flavour of Xperia Z Custom ROm for Galaxy Grand. Also besides it, dual SIM notification have been removed, screen lock been added in the notification head, also Pie Controls have been added, which is a must use feature, also lockscreen shortcuts added, high touch sensitivity, and 4 way reboot. So these were some of the amazing features of the Xperia  Z ROM for Galaxy grand. The ROM has no reported bugs, as off now, so even if you face any, report us here in the comments below. As far as installing this ROm for galaxy grand, is taken into account,  you have to install the file you download from here, in the recovery mode, of your galaxy grand. but before do wipe data, and wipe cache then install the file. After installing Wipe cache partition, and Wipe dalvik cache, and then reboot the Galaxy Grand to enjoy the Xperia Z ROM. Also keep in mind that you need to be on Android 4.2.2 so as to install this ROM, either leaked or Official, both will work. Download the ROM for grand duos from the link below.



Download Link:  Xperia Z ROM Galaxy grand

Also have a look at this video fro Xperia Z ROM for Galaxy grand.

Cyanogenmod 10.1 unofficial for galaxy Grand:

We do not need the intorduction to Cyanogenmod ROM, or do we? Well I am currently running this ROM on my Galaxy grand. And I love it the most. but most people won’t. There are several reasons for it. The ROM is not official, so there some bugs in the ROM for Galaxy Grand. To be honest , I have only found the Sound recording, Video recording bug, and yes the Dual SIM won’t work. But still I am okay with these bugs, because I love the other features that Cyanogenmod offers you. The stock look like Nexus is as awesome as anything. The trebuchet launcher is completely versatile and highly customizable like any other launcher. The camera app is okay, but I prefer to use the Focal camera app, as it way better. Also there are some cool transition effects, off course the boot animation. The interface is also smooth. And runs the fastest, as there is no bloatware. Bloatware means additional third party apps, that companies put into phones, like ChatON from Samsung, etc. Also there many more powerful features. Though I did not like the music player they put in, but who cares? This ROM is highly customizable, I just deleted it, and set “Play Music” as my default player, and for the browser I set Google Chrome, it works the best. And also there are many more other leisure of having Cyanogenmod, you are on a better software that runs extra ordinarily fast. Also the cLock widget gets you complete information about whether and stuff. And the lockscreen is also highly customizable. Which makes the Cyanogenmod ROM for Galaxy Grand my favourite one. You could have a look at some of my screenshots attached below. As far as installing the ROM is considered, the method is same as that of the above ROM, and then flash Gapps package, after installing ROM file.

—->Download ROM File

—->Download Gapps Package

AOKP For Galaxy Grand:

Yes I guess I am too late before updating this post, as i Personally test the ROMs for Galaxy Grand and it took me some time testing the new ROMs after they were developed by k2wl, and various other great developers working out there to make Galaxy Grand more awesome. I have personally been testing the AOKP ROM since a week now, and it works great. I swtiched from CM 10.1, and I feel it fills in the void quite perfectly. The ROM is absolutely perfect and stable. There are nugs listed as of yet, as I have been personally using it and found no bug yet. Yes sometimes the Google Voice Search crashes, but if you update the app in the Play Store it works smooth. May be that’s a Gapps package issue, but that can be fixed by manually updating the app. Coming to the AOKP features, it is a AOSP based ROM, and really has a hell lot of customization options.Including changing the icons, trasparency, color of the status bar and navigation bar, adding nav bar, disabling the LED buttons on grand, installing themes and much more. And it is super fast. The ROM works magic. If you like the vanilla flavour, and like to change the settings too much,  this is the ROM for you. Even if you do not like the Vanilla flavour, you can always change the theme, and baammmmmm, looks like you like. 🙂  So grab AOKP for Galaxy Grand from the Download link below. ( below the screenshot)



SlimBean ROM for Grand:

Yes SLimbean has also been developed for Galaxy grand, and also made fully functional. Just as AOKP it has no bugs. The video recording bug has been made functional. Offcourse any AOSP based ROM does not have Dual SIM working, as if you really want the dual SIM working, you probably should not switch the Stock ROM, or find any other Touchwiz based ROM for Galaxy Grand. As for the Slimbean it is a minimalistic ROM with cool features, but the framework is really light, and there is no Bloatware at all. And that kind of has a resemblance from it’s name. The ROM works fluid, probably the transitions are the smoothest, but as compared to AOKP, I did not find it great. But it all depends on what you need. So no hard feelings for Slimbean. it is yet another great ROM. No ROM is great or Best, it all depends on what you need. One good feature that I would like to list about Slimbean for Galaxy Grand is that it’s resolution is good, I mean the icons, status bar is incredibly small, so about 7 icons can fit into the dock, and you can have much matter to display on one screen, which is a great feature. You can also change the size to suitable size. Also you have an option to change the screen density under the ROM control options in Slimbean. You can download the Slimbean ROm for galaxy grand from the download link below.


Download   Slim Gapps

There are many more new ROMs available and that have been developed like the new GENXT ROM for Grand, but I will only add them to this till I personally test them on my Grand. So keep checking here for new ROMs and features. 😉

So these were some of the best ROMS for Galaxy Grand i19082, that are the best and most reliable and are buttery smooth, with least reported bugs. I hope it helped. 🙂

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