8 Killer Custom ROMS for Galaxy Ace S5380 [Best]

In this post is a list of custom ROMs for galaxy Ace S5380.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S538 is a pretty old device as off now. And the Ace users might want to install additional ROMS to take a break from the boring user interface of the Touchwiz v 3.0. So if you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy Ace you can and would want to surely change the stock ROM and move to a custom ROMs for Galaxy Ace. So in this post, are the best and the most suitable plus powerful and performing custom ROM for  Galaxy Ace I have found by doing a hell lot of research on the xda-forums.And for the guys who haven’t rooted your Galaxy Ace, you need to Root it now to as without Rooting, you cannot have the leisure of Custom ROMS.

Tutorial to Root Ace S5380 : Root Galaxy Ace

Custom ROMS for Galaxy Ace :

So here is a ultimate list of the Custom ROMs I have found and tested on Galaxy Ace, the work fine. below are the specifications and other features of each ROM and the possible bugs that are present in their builds.

Paranoid Android:


Paranoid Android sites not need any introduction. Paranoid Android ROM for Galaxy Ace provides you a great stock expeirence with many customizable features. Like the hybrid settings of the ROM. In this feature you can decide the way you want to use the display screen of your phone. For instance you can choose the phablwy mode, smartphone mode and the gallery mode. So if you want to use these kind of features paranoid android ROM for Galaxy Ace should be your choice. Also features like the pie controls are included in this ROM for Galaxy Ace. Also the rom is stable and runs prefect on Galaxy Ace and had no lags at all. So as to install this ROM you need to first update your recovery and then factory reset /wipe data of the device and then flash the rom. After that you need to wipe cache and the wipe the dalvik cache, and then reboot the device. And it would work fine, donate to the original developer for the rom here and to get the regular updates about the new versions of this rom. Download the rom for Galaxy Ace from the download link below.



AOKP is a rom based on the Kang Project. This ROM is also a bummer full of features. The ROM for Galaxy Ace would provide you a decent stock experience, with a whole lot of features and the power to make many tweaks. From themes, to changing the size, color of the status bar, adding navigation bar, changinge alsmot everything int he ROM. Adding your own boot animation. But speaking of personal experience the ROM management on the ROM is not as good as Cyanogenmod, but definitely you won’t get any lags, and the ROM is also stable and fluid. So if you’re looking for power to make endless tweaks in your ROM, this AOKP for Galaxy Ace is the ROM for you. You can download the ROM from the link below, and donate to the original developer here.



SGA+ Custom ROM :

SGA+ is custom ROM developed by a young developer, and there are many new things added to the ROM. The custom ROM has a new added slaidyboost, changed base, Changed boot animation, Google Music, Fixed Bugs GPS, Removed non needed widgets. However there are also many things that have been removed, like the Email app, Quick Searchbox, old version of digital clock, as a new version has been included, a new File manager. note that is ROM is not for the Ace Plus Users. See the developer page here. . Download the Custom ROM from here.

Some Screenshots of the Custom ROM.



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 Ace of Spades Version 3 :

Ace of Spades is an classic combination of performance and battery life and looks as well. The Custom ROM for galaxy ace has been designed for Speed, Stability, Customizations and the Battery performance. The Custom ROM for galaxy ace has been developed keeping in mind the battery needs and all other aspects as well. So it ensures more battery backup without any loss in the performance and speed of your phone. The A2SD and A2SDGUI App have also been included in the ROM. It has a blackhawk kernel implementation included into the ROM which make the whole system pretty much stable. In order to install it, you simple need to go into the CWM mode, and wipe data and clear the cache of the phone, and flash the .zip file , and you will be done. Download it from here. Below are the screenshots or the ROM. Also note that i am not giving the Thread link in the forum as the author has been banned from the forum for unknown reasons, but the ROM is working fine. See a screenshot below.


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 SlimBean Custom ROM:

The SlimBean Custom ROM for galaxy ace is based on the Android version 4.1 jelly bean so you could enjoy the leisure of Android 4.1 on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. The ROM brings in alot of customizations, various CPU tweaks. There are a lot of changes in the appearance such as the battery bar location, colors, and various themes to customize looks with a single click. Download it here.


Imaginary ICS Final:

If you are looking to enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. It is one of the most lightest custom ROMs of Ace. The Custom ROM improvises on the default battery backup on the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and plus also enjoy the stylish notification system and other changes in the interface. Download the ROM from Here.

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RadonMod Custom ROMs for Galaxy Ace :

RadonMod is another killer custom ROMs for galaxy ace.This ROM is based and a modified version of the popular ROM Cyanogenmod 7.2. It has many features included into it like CM 9 Bootanimation,  RObot Font, Lockscreen Moded, Super Fast ROM, Highly Stable, Adobe Flashplayer, Beats Audio, zImage kerel, and yes the Super SU app. Download the file from here. here are a few snippets of the ROM.


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Beats Wit Smooth Sense 6:

Smooth Sense 6 is a custom ROM for ace developed for the Music Lovers for the music lovers, with the Beats Audio Enhancement. It has many features like the Beats Audio mod + Xloud by djsky, Ported Smooth Sense theme, Sense 4.0 wallpapers, Extended Power menu, HTC Camera Mod, Ported Beats audio Bootanimation, Custom settings, and much much more. Download the version 6 from here. Also see the developer thread here.

beats with sense

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So these were some the best custom ROMs for Galaxy Ace I have found. I hope this helped the Galaxy Ace Users, do give your feedback, and also list any other interesting ROM you come across.

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