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Flash Install Stock ROM Xperia Z1: Unroot

 Process to flash Stock ROM on Xperia Z1 Honami and unroot the device

Xperia Z1 is a pretty cool device from Sony, and there are plenty of ROMs available for the device.  But sometimes Custom ROMs can get laggy and they are just bugging you. There might be some bugs in the device, so reverting to Stock ROm is always a better option. No matter what the reason might be, if you’re looking to Flash Install Stock ROM on Xperia Z1 Honami, you are at the right place.

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Unroot and Flash Stock ROM Galaxy Grand i19082

 This is a tutorial to Unroot and Flash Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand.

Samsung Galaxy Grand is a pretty cool device and a good option if you are looking for  medium range Smartphone from Samsung. Also there is a lot of development going on for the Samsung Galaxy Grand. There are a number of custom ROMs available for the Galaxy Grand and you can Root Galaxy grand and increase the abilities of the phone in great ways. But sometimes Custom ROMs can be a great mess. And then you wil definitely need to step back to Stock ROM. So if you’re looking for a tutorial to Flash Stock ROM for Galaxy Grand or a way to unroot Galaxy Grand, this is the post you would want  to read pretty badly. Go

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Flash Stock ROM on HTC Explorer

 This a tutorial to flash stock ROM on HTC Explorer

HTC Explorer is a pretty decent phone in the Android market. It is really affordable and gives some good feature at even such a low price tag. Also if you root your phone and just flash a custom ROM onto HTC Explorer, you can even the improve the performance of the phone twofold. But sometimes eith er you will be bored out of using a custom ROM for HTC Explorer, so you will have to revert back to Stock ROM for HTC Explorer. Like in some instances the Custom ROM can get a bit laggy, you enter a bootloop, or you are simply trying to sell your phone. Whatever the reason may be, in this post you will be

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Unroot : Flash Stock ROM Xperia Tipo ST21i

 Tutorial to Unroot and Flash Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo ST21i.

Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i is in the list of the cheap Android Smartphones, that have received much support from the third party developers. So if you Root Xperia Tipo, there are endless opportunities and things you can do in your phone, in which changing and flashing a custom ROM is just the start. And installing a custom ROM on your device can be helpful, as it allows you to add some great features and toggles to the phone, and also speed up the phone while we all know that the Stock ROMs are generally laggy, due to all the bloatware installed off-course. Also there might be bugs in theCustom ROM, but one great advantage of Stock ROM is that it

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