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How to Install CWM on HTC One X


Looking for a way to install CWM on HTC One X? Well here is a simple and a detailed tutorial which will help you out with the procedure to do so.

Before you Install CWM on HTC One X:

A Custom recovery is a utility installed on every android smartphone, for solving some basic functions, like installing updates, factory resetting the device in case the user interface back fires, or any other issues. It also provides with many of the other functions like caching options, and many more. But as obvious the recovery installed by the manufacturer of the device, which is a stock recovery is not that powerful, and does not let you even flash a ROM. So generally user go ahead and flash a custom recovery which is way more

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Install CWM Recovery on Sony Xperia C


If you are looking to install cwm on xperia c, here is a easy post, which will help you in the task. So let us begin.

Before you Install CWM on Xperia C:

The stock recovery put in the android phone by the manufacturer company, is just a basic one and won’t let you enjoy and take the most out of your root access. The stock recovery on the phone does’nt even let the users install and flash roms on the phone. So users generally flash a custom recovery, which lets you perform many functions on the phone. It lets you instal ROMS, kernels, and many other things. And among the custom recoveries, a CWM is the best you can get, as it is quite powerful and easy to use.
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Install CWM on Sony Xperia M C1904/1905 4.3 jellybean


So if you are looking to install the cwm on the xperia M, here is a post which will help you through. So let us begin with the procedure.

Before you Install CWM on Xperia M:

As you might be knowing that the stock recovery put in the phone by the manufacturer is just a basic one and won’t let you perform some serious tasks. So it is better to flash a custom recovery on the phone, which will let you perform many things such as flashing zip files including roms and kernels on the phone along with many other tweaks. And we will be flashing the cwm, which is a type of custom recovery we will be installing on the phone in this post.
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Install CWM Recovery on LG Optimus F6


In this tutorial we will be installing a cwm on lg optimus f6. So if you are looking to do the same you are at the right place. So let’s begin with the post already.

Before you Proceed:

A Custom recovery is a menu from which you can control the device, in case the software malfunctions or even to apply some update for the interface. But the phone come with the recovery installed from the manufacturers, lack the power to flash roms, or other flashable zips. So to get the full advantage of your root access, a Custom Recovery comes handy. We will be installing the CWm recovery with the help of this tutorial, as many of you guys might be knowing the custom recovery is a re known brand in the

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Flash custom recovery on Galaxy Pocket Plus

Looking to install and flash CWM on your Galaxy Pocket Plus? here is a tutorial that will help you out, pretty easily have to set up the recovery and install it on your device with in a few minutes, and then you can do whatever in the world you were looking for after having a custom recovery on your device. So why wait,let us begin?

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Install CWM on Nokia X

Here is a small tutorial that will help you out to install cwm on your Nokia X. But before we start out with the procedure, let us know a bit about CWM and the Stock Recovery that comes installed on your device. (more…)

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