Boot Fastboot/Download Mode on LG Spectrum VS920

reboot-fastboot-Lg-Spectrum VS920

Here is a post which will be helping you to boot your LG Spectrum VS920 into the fastboot mode. Or also as many people call it, the download mode.

What is Fastboot/Download Mode?

For the people who really don’t know that what it is. Here is some of the brief information about it, which will be helping you to have an idea about it. Download Mode or the Fastboot Mode is a mode which helps the user to connect the device to a Computer or a Laptop and then flash some files using it.

reboot-fastboot-Lg-Spectrum VS920

Now the flashing may be done using a utility, provided by the company, or also you could use the command prompt. The key here is to understand that the fastboot mode or the download mode, will be helping you to flash files from a computer.

Which is often required, when the recovery is unable to flash a particular file. Or as in fact, you want to install a custom recovery itself, with the help of a computer. Now below are the instructions which will be helping you to boot your LG Spectrum VS920 into the fastboot or the download mode.


  • First of all, power off your device.
  • Then press the Volume Up and the Power Button.
  • boot-lg-fastboot-download-mode
  • Keep holding onto these buttons, for about 4-5 seconds.
  • Then the logo will appear, then release the buttons.
  • After that, it will ask for a confirmation to boot the phone into the fastboot/download mode.
  • Confirm it, and then boot the phone into the mode.
  • Your phone will then boot into the Fastboot or the Download mode as you may call it.

This is it, this is how simple it was. You have now booted your phone into the download mode or the fastboot mode successfully. Also note that, if any of your external buttons are not working. There is a workaround. You can download any app from the play store, which will be fetching you the advanced reboot menu. And with that, you will be able to boot the phone into the respective mode you want.


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