Best Themes for Android | Free Android Themes 2014

So are you actually bored out of your Home screen ? is it too boring to mingle around it ? damn Touch Wiz damn stock ? is everything so monotonous ? Don’t worry just love your Android, as it deserves it, Go Ahead and find the best Themes for your android and get your android experience to the next level.

Best Themes for Android Free Android Themes 2014

THEMER- is a tool for customizing the home screen of your android just with a few taps. But the question is which the best themes for android are? Which theme will make your android look amazing and interactive? Just for our readers we hunted and dig out some of the great Themer customizations which we are sure is worth a try.

THEMER allows users to download the themes and apply them to their android home screen so as to give a total different look to it within just few seconds. With just few taps, users can give their android home screen a fun, unique, functional look and even it allows you to customize, personalize it as per your likes. It features the best themes for android which are worth looking at.

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To get in with themer for best themes for android users just need to sign up and wait for a couple of days. And once you get in it, it will leave amazed and overwhelmed with lots and lots of options along with different potential themes. Some of the themes look really amazing while others are not but you just feel free to try whichever you want to. Switching from one theme to the other is also really easy and simple.

The Best Themes for Android in 2014

Let us now start with the best themes for android we tried out and recommend to our readers to give it a try at least. Give your android a very nice and awesome interface with these themer themes for android and enjoy your all new android experience


Being the best Theme for android and is one of the most beautiful one as well. Though it seems just good but we tried it out and no doubts it’s really been perfect. The main screen is full of well spaced tiles along with the clock set in against the photo. The tiles you find in beneath it are the shortcuts to SMSs, e-mails, current weather conditions and dialer. Personally i consider it to be one of the best theme for android even when comparing to launchers on android.
tiled best themes for android Root my android

Users need to just tap one swipe over and it will take over you to a customizable screen along with an app drawer shortcut and shortcuts to your feed reader, web browser, and music, camera app. Last one swipe over will take you to the full screen tile which features all the apps shortcuts and three screens.

Mountain Minimal

It is being the simplest theme with just one panel on main screen. If you need to go to the app drawer you just need to click it on “applications” available at the bottom or you can even click it on the respective apps shortcuts available music, camera, browser and “favorites”.
mountain minimal best themes for android Root my android

At the top of the main screen, you will get all the useful information including date and time, new text messages, missed calls, weather forecast, new emails and battery status. This theme has got all in one glance stature. It is simple, easy, and minimal as well as gathers all the information in one panel itself.
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This theme has got a base from general style of iOS 7. Yeah! I can hear you now! Users who want to give their android a look for iOS 7 with those flat icons, full-screen widgets, thin text and orderly rows but don’t want to give up the reliability, flexibility, utility and their love for android; this can be definitely a theme to look at.
seven best themes for android Root my android

The home screen has got its app shortcuts as usual with themer that can be further customized along with some already installed apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more. For local weather just swipe it to right and for contact lists just swipe it to left.


This theme will give your home screen a feel of Google Now. Everything is being organized into cards. At the top you will find Google Search; at the center you will find weather card along with some selected apps under “apps card” at the bottom which includes SMS, Gmail, music player, browser, dialer and Google Maps. The screen also features a full drawer button.
now best themes for android root my android

For customizable news headlines you need to swipe left and when you swipe to right you will see music player card at the bottom with a shortlist of upcoming events.


This theme tries really hard to bring back the old day planner look and fortunately brings up the useful and tabbed browsing. You will find five tabs at the screen’s right side with main tab displaying battery status, date and time, SMSs, missed calls and emails.
bookmarks best themes for android root my android

Each and every app you can control by just tapping on the app shortcut available in the panel. You can check missed calls. Weather forecast, SMSs and emails as well.
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This theme is a lot minimal than other available themes. It features a soft background which allows users a backdrop for missed calls, SMSs, emails, time and date and battery status. You will find app shortcuts of camera, image gallery, favorite app list, web browser and full app drawer.
horizon best themes for android root my android

Swiping towards the left, it will take you to a full display weather forecast and swiping towards the right, it will take you quickly towards the app shortcuts. This theme is really simple and elegant with good looks.

Grey And Peach

Though many people don’t like peach color but I am sure that when you will look at this modern and elegant sharp looking theme the will definitely going to love it. The main screen of this theme features date and time (top) with a beautiful image (centre) and some quick shortcuts like camera, music player, Google play and many more (bottom left). On the bottom right you will go to find latest news headlines. Swiping towards the left, you will find the weather headlines. Keep and keep on going you will finally find some new photos with the shortcuts at the bottom.
grey and peah best themes for android root my android

This theme is really functional seasonal one but is really a worth to look at. It is being one of the better looking themes.
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This theme is for those users who want to have a densely packed home screen. It looks similar to some sci-fi movie and once you get it you will definitely going to check out that your phone looks unique among others. You will find a large circular-shaped widget which displays date and time along with battery status at the centre with small widget displaying weather condition. At the bottom right, you will going to find full app drawer featuring SMSs, missed calls, battery status, clock and email.
hud best themes for android root my android

Tapping at the centre widget allows you to set an alarm. This theme is a lot of fun to use though with one screen it does look so cool.

So finally these are the top 8 best themes for android which are recommended by us. I personally used TILED and HORIZON and they are simply awesome.

So for what are you hunting for? We bought the top 8 best themes for android to you which are definitely a worth looking at. Download, install and share your experiences with us.

Do share your views about which you like the best out of these Themes for android.

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