Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Ace Plus

Here is a list of the Best ROMs for Galaxy Ace Plus, so that you can flash them and update to it KitKat and Jelly bean and get the tweaks that stock ROM doesn’t have. get rid of the excessive bloatware on your device, flash the best roms available for galaxy ace plus.


KitKat ROMs for Galaxy Ace Plus:

Here are the KitKat ROMs for your ace plus device, flash them and enjoy. I have tried to give details about every ROM possible, and if still I missed out one, do comment below, so that other users can also benefit  from it.

Cyanogenmod 11 for Ace Plus:


Well, Cyanogenmod is a popular name in the area of custom roms. And it deserves it too, the ROM provides you with the best of the stock experience. Also with no bugs, and absolutely stunning performance of this ROM for ace plus, you can have the best of the gestures on your device itself. CM 11 provides you the KitKat gestures, and some great features like the hangouts integration along with the Google Now integration into the launcher itself. The ROM is stable and RAM management is good, so you won;t be facing any sorts of lags on the device. As far as the installation of this ROM is concerned, you need to have the updated recovery installed on your device, you can download it from the download link below. Then after installing the updating recovery, boot into the recovery mode, and then wipe all data, including the cache and the dalvik cache, and also cache partition. And then flash the ROM, and then the Google Addons, and then reboot and enjoy. You can donate to the original developer of CM 11 for Ace Plus right here. Sorry the links are not working at the moment, we will get back to you soon.


Speed ROM 4.4.2 for Ace Plus:


Speed ROM is another great ROM for Ace Plus. Being based on the KitKat OS, this ROM would also bring in some great Kitkat features with it. And plus it gives you the power to control many tweaks like the RAM tweaks, Dalvik Tweaks, host update, Frandom generator, Build.prop tweak., Games booster Tweaks., 2G and 3G Tweaks, and Zram 128 compress and much more. In order to install this ROM on  Ace Plus, again you need to have the updated recovery, and wipe the data after booting into the recovery mode. You can do that by pressing the Volume Up+Home Down+ Power button simultaneously.  Also this ROM has features from the Omni ROM and the CM rom, so if you want hell lot of features in your ROM, this is the ROM made just for you. Then flash the ROM and then the Gapps Package. And then reboot your system and enjoy. You can read more about how to install this ROM on ace plus here, and also donate to the original developer.

Jelly Bean ROMs for Galaxy Ace Plus:

Here are the jelly bean Based ROMs for the Galaxy Ace Plus. If I have left out any ROM, please inform by commenting below, so that other users can also try it and enjoy on their Ace Plus.

PACMan ROM for Ace Plus:


PACMan ROM is ROM that is made out of combination of the three popular ROMs, the Paranoid Android ROM, the AOKP ROM, and the Cyanogenmod ROM. It is based on Jelly bean 4.2.2, so you would be getting the jelly Bean Features on your Ace Plus. The PACMan ROM for GT-S7500works like charm with no lags whatsoever. The bugs in the ROM are minimal, and also many things are working. But some things are still not working like the Bluetooth & Bluetooth tethering, and the Camera and also Wi-Fi AP. But these bugs would be removed soon in the coming updates hopefully. So if you still find the PACMan ROM for Ace Plus good for you despite of the bugs you should be going with it. As it provides features from all the three ROMs, including the Hybrid Display Feature from the Paranoid Android, almost all the tweaks from the AOKP ROM, and also the best of the stock experience from the Cyanogenmod ROM. To install this ROM you need to first wipe the cache, data from the phone by booting into the recovery mode. Then format system, and then mount system. The flash the ROM via the SD card, and then fix permissions and then again reboot the device, and then finally flash the Gapps package. And then you are free to enjoy the ROM on Ace Plus.If you any doubts regarding the installation procedure, you can clear them in the original thread, and also donate to the original developer here. Download the PACMan ROM for Ace Plus from the download link below.

Slimbean ROM for Ace Plus:

Slimbean ROM for galaxy ace plus is available and yes it has great stability, but the fact is that it has some bugs, like the camera and the bluetooth won’t work properly. But the ROM really runs great and has great speed. The Slimbean ROMs have the most minimal bloatware, rather we should say that it has no bloatware at all. No additional apps. SO as a result the ROM runs really fast and is stable too. The Slimbean  ROM for Galaxy Ace Plus is also really light, and that is where it gets it’s name from. So as to install this ROM you need to boot the phone into the recovery mode, and then perform a full wipe of system, data and cache too. And then flash the ROm from the recovery itself, and then flash the Gapps and then reboot the phone and you’re ready to enjoy the Slimbean ROM on your Galaxy Ace plus. You can donate to the original developer here. And download the ROM from the download link below.


MIUI ROM Android 4.2.2:

MIUI ROM is for those Ace Plus users who would like to customize the looks of there homescreen and change it all. Rather it would not be false to say that this ROM has no drawer, as all the apps and settings are present in the homescreen and the side screens itself. So you feel a changed and tweaked interface, when you flash this MIUI ROM on Galaxy Ace Plus.  Also one great thing about the MIUI ROM is that it has a lot of themes available wich will further tweak your phone’s interface and looks and give you the full control of how your device looks. So if you really want to change the looks of your device interface into a colorful one, then this the best ROM for you.So as to install this ROM on Ace Plus, simply reboot into the recovery mode and then wipe data, and then flash the ROM, and then fix permissions and reboot. Have a look at the ROM in the screenshots below. Download the MIUI ROM for Ace Plus from the download links below. And downate to the original developer of ROM here.


This was a short list about the best ROMs that are available for the galaxy Ace Plus. I Hope it helped. 🙂

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