Best KitKat/Android 4.3 ROMs for HTC One

HTC One is a really cool device from HTC being a flagship device it has a superb hardware, and good software coming from HTC as well. The Sense Updates are in place, and you can keep your device up to date. But if you’re really bored of the old sense gestures, and the lf looks of your HTC One, you could always flash a custom ROM onto your HTC One. And you can get some really cool KitKat gestures and features, like the famous Google Plus integration, Hangouts integration and many more Stock KitKat gestures, that you might not have been able to enjoy being on a Sense Platform. So here are the Best KitKat ROMs for HTC One, and they are also followed by some Android 4.3 ROMs as well, as they really have some great features, and have great things to offer as well.


Before you Flash A ROM:

But before you flash a ROM on HTC One, you need to know some things about the ROMs. ROM is a software and a framework model, that lets you rphone run. And to install the below listed ROM’s on your HTC One, you would have to say bye bye to the HTC One Stock ROM, in other words the default software the company put in it. Also flashing a ROM will delete and wipe all your data, so keep in mind that you first make an adequate backup of improtant stuff that you have on your device. Read:  Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup

KitKat ROMs for HTC One :

Here is a list of the KitKat based ROMs for HTC One. Enjoy the new tweaks and gestures in the KitKat, and experience Google now to the fullest by flashing these ROMs on your HTC One.

Google Play Edition AOSP KitKat ROM for HTC One:


here is the ROM extracted from the Google Play Edition of the HTC One. This ROM is pure KitKat and has all the features of the Stock Android. Just flash this ROM on your normal HTC One and get the KitKat gestures right through. To install this ROM you will need to have the S-Off installed on your device. You can do it from here. Also with this ROM you will have no bugs, as this ROM comes directly from Google, so no worries. Also it includes many cool features on the KitKat  ROM for HTC One, like the Camera app has the Photosphere feature, Google Wallet, Google Now and many much of the Google KitKat Goodies come along. Also you do not need to flash external gapps package on HTC One, as it is pre embedded into the Play Edition ROM. Download the KitKat AOSP Play Edition ROM for HTC One from the Download links below.


 CM 11 ROM for HTC One:


Cyanogenmod need no introduction. The Dev team is known for releasing ROMs that give you the best and nearest to stock expeirence on no matter device you are. And so is the case for the HTC One. If you are looking forward to the Stock Looks, along with some more tweaks, CM 11 for HTC One is the way to go. With CM 11 you will have the KitKat experience with everything like the 3G/LTE /Wifi and video recording working on HTC One. The ROM is pretty stable and the RAM management in the ROM is just perfect which lets you enjoy lag free entertainment and also HD games run flawlessly as always. Download the CM 11 for HTC from the download links below. But also note while trying to install and flash CM 11 on your HTC One, you need to ensure that you running CWM RECOVERY OR HIGHER. The Recovery can though be updated by using the ROM manager app from the Play Store. You can donate to the developer by going to the original thread here.

Omni ROM for HTC One :


Omni ROM for HTC One is another beautiful KitKat ROM. This ROM is based on cyanogenmod itself so it offers all the features that a cyanogenmod ROM offers. But apart from that it also has some cool features lint the true multi Window features that would let you do two things at the same point of time. Like you can browse the Internet or check your mail at the half pay off the screen and on the other half of the screen you can simply watch a YouTube video. It is this only feature you want so you should be going for Omni ROM for HTC One. Besides the Omni ROM is also perfect for gaming experience and also the rom is stable. Sometimes you get an unwanted boot, otherwise it’s pretty okay. You can surely go with this ROM in place of CM11 if you prefer the multi Window feature. If you so not want the multi Window go with cm as it is comparatively more stable. Download the Omni ROM for HTC one from the download link below.

So these were some of the KitKat ROMs for HTC One.

Android 4.3 ROMs for HTC One:

Whe some really good KitKat 4.4.2 ROMs for HTC One are available why would one want to flash Android 4.3 ROMs on HTC One, but still the ROMs below are worth a try. As the features they offer are again very good and out of the box.

Paranoid Android ROM for HTC One:


Paranoid Android ROM again need no introduction  suppose. This ROM is based on Android 4.3 and many customizations that have been imported from tablet features into their ROM. it offers one great feature by which you can use your smartphone in Phone, Hybrid or tablet mode, which is very impressive.  This ROM is very stable and would show no lags at all, when running on your HTC One device. You will in this ROM find tools that will allow you to customize your screen to run in hybrid mode better than aby other custom ROM and also along with it your can enjoy Android 4.3 on it. So if you think you need the hybrid and the tablet mode along the Android 4.3 tray, you should definitely go with Paranoid Android ROM for HTC One. You can download the ROM from the download link below.



PACMan is another brilliant ROM. This ROM is for the geeks, that want all the features from various ROMs into one ROM. The PACMan ROM has got almost all the features from the brand custom ROMs like the Cyanogenmod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, and that is how it has got it’s name. So if you wish to enjoy all the features of these ROMs in just a single ROM, this is the ROM you should go for. It is based on Android 4.3, so stock gestures would also be served along the ROM framework. Also this ROM has got many useful features like the floating Notifications like HALO, PIE Controls, and also you will be getting the full Paranoid Android Hybrid settings that we discussed above. And also having tons of these features doen’t mean that you will have to sacrifice on performance and battery life. Thr ROM is coded beautifully, and thus the performance is great, no lags, and also the battery optimization is good. You can download the ROM for HTC One from the links given below.

So these were some of the best custom ROMs for HTC One available at the moment. Got any other ROM that performs better, and is updated regularly? Then Feel free to comment below, and do share some screenshots. 😉



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