6 Best ROMS for Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i

In this post there are various custom ROMS for Xperia Tipo ST21i, ST21a, Sony Tapioca.

Xperia Tipo is a budget smartphone from Sony. So Sony Xperia Tipo users might well know that you might not get the updates in future, as this is a low budget phone. And also or the users who are not satisfied with the looks of the User Interface, and the Stock ROM for Xperia Tipo, might need to change the ROM on their Xperia Tipo. So here is a short list of some of the best ROMS for Xperia Tipo.

Note: Before actually installing a custom ROM on your Xperia Tipo you need a custom recovery installed on your phone and also a rooted Xperia Tipo. You can read the link below to get the things done. Also note the model number before trying to install the ROM, as if you try to install these ROMS on any other phone, it might get stucked or bricked.


Xperia Fire Series 5 ROM for Tipo:

This ROM for Xperia Tipo is a really cool ROM to have. With this ROM installed on your Xperia  Tipo you would be having the Xperia Z Ultra Jelly Interface and also would have the Xperia Z Ultra Honami Apps to play around with. The performance of the ROM is also pretty good. With this ROM installed, boost in the processing is guaranteed as there are very less additional apps in the tray and also the ROM is pretty stable, with minimal bugs. It boost your benchmark score to about 4000 on AnTuTu Benchmark app. Some of the features of the ROM for Xperia Tipo include great battery life, it boost your battery life, the speed is fast and is also stable, the ROM is pre rooted so you won’t loose the root access, the ROM is deodexed, and busybox is installed. Full CWM support as this is based on CM 10.Xperia ZU boot animation, Xperia ZU Sounds, Complete framwork MOD with Xperia Z design, all the icons and the interface is updated, Xperia Z U Walkman installed, Zperia Z Albums and Movies, Sony Audio Controls, Xperi Z U Fonts, Xperia Z U Keyboard, Xperia Honami launcher with many customizable widgets, Adreno GPU drovers for best performance, and much more. So as to install this ROM for Xperia Tipo, place the downloaded ROM on SD card, reboot to Recovery mode and then wipe data, wipe cache and dalvik cache, then install the rom by choosing “choose zip from Sd card option”, and then reboot. Note that rebooting forst time may take upto 15-20 minutes, so do not lose your calm, let the phone boot, do not turn it off. Download the ROM for Xperia Tipo with the link below.

Sorry the doanload link is currently unavailable, but we will try to get it back soon. Sorry for Inconvenience.

Gimlo ROM for Xperia Tipo:

Gimlo is another great ROM for Xperia Tipo. Gimlo ROM is highly customizable, and also one very good point about this ROM is that it is based on the latest version of the stock ROM, so do not expect any bug to ruin your day. The ROM can be easily personalized. The installation wizard of this ROM is very user friendly, you can really start to customize the ROM you want. Choosing the services you want and what you do not want. So by this you can really lower down the bloatware on your Xperia Tipo. But also if you have no changes done to the chakcboxes in the installation wizard, you will have a ROM similar to the stock ROM, but it will defintely give you extra performance. So by this you can have the minimum stuff on your ROM and make it blazing fast by not installing apps and services you do not want on your ROM for Xperia Tipo.  Some of the features of this Gimlo ROM for Xperia Tipo are:

  • Deodexed and added Init.d support
  • Based on latest version of the official stock ROM for Xperia Tipo.
  • Pre- Rooted and Busybox installed
  • ClockWorkmod CWM and TWRP Recovery modes to go with
  • Aroma Launcher ( provides with the installation wizard)
  • No Bloatware, and enhanced performance.




You can download this ROM for Xperia Tipo via the Download link below.

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We all know of MIUI ROM. Those who do not know, MIUI are some of the highly customizable ROMS. You can modify the looks vastly just by changing the themes. MIUI ROM has got a vast variety of themes to try out on your Xperia Tipo. Having the support for MIUI for Xperia Tipo is really cool. You can have alook at the screenshots below, and see how this ROM changes the looks of the phone. It makes the Phone look funky and stylish too. So if it suits your taste, you can install the ROM on Xperia Tipo. Also you can change the colors, looks and add many more customization features just by changing the themes in the MIUI ROM for Xperi Tipo.


Download ROM


Xperience ROM for Xperia Tipo:

Xperience ROM is another great ROM for Xperia Tipo. This ROM would give you the stock like feel, but it is too smooth than the Stock ROM for Xperia Tipo. This ROM is baed on the Stock ROM so none of the bugs are there. But if you still find any bug in this ROm do report in the form of comment below. So as to install this ROM you would need CWM only. No other recovery would probably work, however you are free to try. To install this ROM for Xperia Tipo reboot into the recovery mode. The head to mounts, and storage and then Format System. After that Wipe data, wipe cache, and dalvik cache , also Battery Stats, then click on install “.Zip from SD card” and install this ROM for Xperia Tipo and reboot. Note rebooting new ROM first time may take some time, so stay patient. There are no special features of this ROM, you would be getting some of the additional tweaks that you can look upon in the screenshots, and the interface is a bit optimized and also the ROm works buttery smooth. The speedof the ROM is focused upon, and surely it does justice to the user in terms of speed and performance. The speed is increased in this ROM for Xperia Tipo.Download the ROM from the link below.

 Download ROM 


AOKP ROM for Xperia Tipo:

We all know what AOKP project is. And trust it is indeed one of the best ROMs out there, no matter what you use. AOKP is an axcellent ROM, and having AOKP for Xperia Tipo would be a dream come true for the Xperia Tipo users. It is better than Cyangenmod too. The amount of features this ROM gives are ultimate. You are provided with lots and lots of powerful features to enhance the looks and functionality of even small things in this ROM. This AOKP ROM is based on AOSP so you would be getting the stock like feel, and is vanilla. Powerful features and butter smooth transitions make it a perfect match for the Nexus and Stock lovers just like me. It has more customizable features than any other ROM for Xperia Tipo. Install this ROm for Xperia Tipo with the same method as listed above.



 TouchWizzed ROM Jelly Bean:

This ROM is for the Samsung lovers. To those who do not know, the user interface that you find in the Samsung phones, is referred to as Touchwiz.And if you like that interface, and want it on your Xperia Tipo, this ROM is definitely made for you. Touchwizzed ROM for Xperia Tipo is based on Jelly bean, so you will also be able to upgrade to Jelly bean, and enjoy some good and amazing JB gestures on your Xperia Tipo. The ROM will give the Touchwiz feel to your Xperia Tipo, and many customizable options that you only find in the Samsung Phones. The features of this powerful ROM are:

  • Full Touchwiz Feel
  • Based on FXP 210
  • Touchwiz Launcher, Touchwiz Browser
  • Touchwiz Calender, Gallery, Music Player
  • Touchwiz Weather forecast app
  • Samsung Like Task Manager
  • File Manager like Touchwiz
  • Polaris Office pre-installed onto ROM
  • Super Smooth transtitions, great deal of customizations.



So this ROM would add the TouchWizz flavour to your Xperia Tipo, and if you like it install this ROM now.

Download ROM


So this was  short list for best custom ROMS for Xperia Tipo. I hope this helped.! Enjoy 🙂

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