Best Custom ROMS for Sony Xperia M


If you have been looking to install a good rom on your xperia m, then in this post are some roms, which you can fin really useful and worth a try. As you know custom roms, can really bump up the performance of ana android device along with updating the android version. But before you go ahead and install it on your xperia m devices, below are some things which you need to get done first.

Pre Requisites:

  • Root your Xperia M ( Check root access with Root Checker Pro.).
  • Install the latest recovery on the xperia m.
  • Make sure that the device is charged, so that it does not go off in the middle of the flashing procedure.
  • Backup all the data on the phone, as it might get lost, so it is better to backup.

ROMs for Xperia M:

Below are the roms, and they have been categorized on the basis of android version, the latest one being at the top. And for this post we have excluded the kitkat roms and older android versions.

Marshmallow ROMs for Xperia M:

Android Marshmallow is the latest Android OS, at the time this post was written. SO below is list of the custom roms based on android marshmallow for your xperia M. The list is not at all from best to worst or vice versa, and is not ordered. So don’t consider the top rom to be at the top or anything like that. Every rom is good, as developer has spent an awful lot of time in coding and clearing all the bugs, so respect their work.

Cyanongenmod CM 13 for Xperia M:

If you have been using custom roms for some time now, then cyanogenmod doesn’t even need an introduction. CM roms are one of the best roms, and are stable and bring in the best of the stock android experience without any down points. All the bugs have been fixed on the ROM by the developer. But still some of the bugs which cannot be fixed even in the future OTA updates as said by the developer are the NFC Payment Support, and also init.d scripts won’t run on the phone. Also Doze mode doesn’t work as flawlessly as it should on the xperia m. So as to install this ROM, boot the phone into the recovery mode, and then wipe data, factory reset along with cache and then flash the ROM file. On the other hand, note that if you are upgrading from a previous version of Cm, like Cm 12, you don;t need to factory reset, as just flashing the ROM file after wiping the cache will do. Also before you begin, make sure that you are on 4.3 baseband, and if you are not, read this page.



Temasek 6.0.1 for Xperia M:

This is a rom which has some added features, and it is build on the base of Cm 13 ROM for your xperia m. it is a really stable build, and has some new features on top of the cyanogenmod. And not only the features have been put in from CM, also like AOKp< Paranoid Android, Liquidsmooth, SlimROM and much more. So as to install this ROM, install the rom, format the system using the recovery, and then flash after wiping the cache. After that flash Gapps, and you will be done.


Slim ROM 6 for Xperia M:

Slim ROms are also a well known name in the rom industry. They have been around from a long time now. As you can make from their name, they really promote simplistic interface, with the least of bloatware, and only the things which are utmost required and nothing else. And this very thing makes the ROM really really light and makes the performance really go up. As of now there has been no bug in the rom, and their are plenty and plenty of features which have been added by the developer like, smart capture in camera, drawer shortcuts, lockscreen shortcuts, privacy guard, slim heads up, slim file manager, slim launcher, and above all it will update your xperia m to the android marshmallow version. So as to install this ROM, install the latest version of TWRP recovery on the phone, and flash the ROM file after wiping data and cahce, and then flashing the gaps package, and rebooting the phone.

AOKP 6.0.1 Android Marshmallow:

AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project, and the AOKP roms have also been around since a long time, following the likes of CM, and the slim roms. I guess there is no introduction needed, it is just the basic aokp port of the rom for the device. So as to install aokp on xperia m, full wipe and factory reset, and wipe cache, and after that clean install the rom, and then gapps, which is your choice. And then reboot, and the rom will boot up just fine.



Beanstalk v 6.13:

Beanstalk is another great android marshmallow rom for your xperia m, and it one of the best roms as it has tons and tons of features to go with it. It is again based on CM 13, so you need not to worry about it’s stability, and on top of that it brings in many more features like Quicker system animations, 3-minit battery support, Omniswitch as default recents, CRT screen off/on options to specify how the animation shows, Less frequent Notification sounds option, Build.prop MOD options to enable/disable tweaks as preferred, Gesture Anywhere, Disable Immersive message and many more. So as to avoid any issues or errors, full wipe and then flash the rom in the latest recovery, and it will boot up good, and perform without any errors.



Resurrection ROM for Xperia M:

Resurrection ROM is also one of the famous rom brands in forums, and other online sources. It is a mix of CM, slim roms, and many other popular rom builds, so as to merge their best parts, and create one good mash up. It has many features like the navbar ring targets, navbar button customizations, carrier label, smart pulldown, superuser indication switch, theme chooser, lockscreen shortcuts, and much much more features which you find in other roms. So as to install this ROM, it is recommended that you make a fupp wipe and factory reset and then flash the rom package along with the gapps.



AOSP ROM Android Marshmallow:

AOSP ROM is the best near stock experience you can get on your xperia m. It is fluid and stable and nothing fancy on the table, it is just the purest stock experience. All the features included by google in their skins, are present, and nothing more. So as to install this rom, simply boot the phone into the recovery mode, and then wipe cache and the data, and flash the rom along with the gapps package.



Lollipop ROMs for Xperia M:

CM 12 for Xperia M:

As said above CM is one of the most known rom franchises in the industry. And this is Cm 12.0, which is based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop version. Installing rom on your xperia m, will take it to android lollipop, v 5.0.2. Many features are included in this device, which you will find in other cyanogenmod roms along with a couple of tweaks. To install this rom on your phone, go to the fastboot mode, flash the boot.img file from the rom file, and then after that boot into the recovery, and the flash the cache, flash the cm 12.0 build and the gapps package and reboot. At first it may take up some time while it starts, but don’t get impatient and interrupt the fist boot procedure.



Glade ROM 5.1.1:

It is based o the CM, and it provides you with a efficient and also tons and tons of features to go with it. There are many features, and some of them are, screenshot sound enabling or disabling, cm features, nature based user interface, themes, ambient display configs, density changer, media scanner and much much more, which you might require in a rom as your daily driver. So as to install this rom on your xperia m, boot into the recovery and then full wipe the phone, which includes system, data, cache, dalvik cache, and then install the rom build and the gapps package. It is one of the best lollipop roms for xperia m, so at least give it a try.

AOSPA Lollipop ROM for Xperia M:


This ROM is based on the AOSP version, and is really the best of the stock experience, to what google provides, without any additional thing. Nothing fancy in this rom, it is just smooth and brings in the features what you see in the Nexus devices. To install this rom, you need to reboot into the recovery mode, and then wipe data and cache and then install the rom and the gapps. After that reboot the phone, and wait as it might take time for the first boot.

BlissPop ROM Android 5.0.2:

BlissPop is a rom known for it’s cool features, and many customizations which come along. The rom is regarded as one of the most customizable roms, and one of the best roms for xperia m too. It has it’s sources from CM, and has many features like traffic monitor, carrier label options, battery bar options etc. It is recommended that you use the PA Gapps package with this ROM.

ArchiDroid 2:

ArchiDroid 2 is a clean, stable, flexible and optimized rom for xpria m users. There is not much information provided by the develper and you can have a look at the screenshots below to have more insight.



Resurrection ROM Remix Lollipop:

This is once again a CM based ROM, and has may features inherited from CM itself for xperia m. Also it has some of the parts coming in from Slim ROMs, OMNI Team, and others. So as to install this ROM on your phones, flash the recovery, and then boot into recovery and wipe system, and data, and cache and then flash gapps. After rebooting it, you will have everything set and done.



So this is it, this was a short post and a compiled list of the best roms for xperia m out there. If you have any other suggestions, then do comment below, and we will love to add it to our list.

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