5 Best Custom ROMS for HTC Explorer- Must Try

List of best custom ROMS for HTc Explorer, or HTC Pico.


HTC Explorer is a pretty old device and so you would like to change the looks and gestures of the Sense it works on with this great list of best cumstom roms for htc explorer., and also comes with really low specifications. but apart from that the phone had been really popular. So in this post there are best custom roms for htc explorer, also known as htc pico. The ROMS are specially dedicated to the phone, and would work the best in any work conditions you use the phone with. Also you would want to root your phone first, so root it first and install clockworkmod recovery on it. And also changing the Stock ROM of your phone would bring in some great customizations and more features in your phone too. but before reading about the best custom roms for htc explorer, root your phone and backup all the data existing on phone, as it will be deleted when you change the ROM.


Best Custom ROMS for HTC Explorer:

FLY ROM for HTC Explorer:

This ROM for explorer is based on the Android 4.0.1 and with HTC Sense 4.0. So interestint tweaks and user interface is sure. Alos to add it is the fastest ROM on Sense 4.0 we have come across yet, that is the reason I have listed this ROM on top. As evident this ROM for HTC Explorer is designed for the best of the best performance. To add more features of this interesting ROM for HTC Explorer, it supports the latest kernel,  which is pretty fast, and also it can be safely overclocked to about 800 MHz.  No major bugs have been found on this ROM, and also a result of it is that it’s pretty stable. It has stock HTC Sense 4.0 and has no bloatware, and also it is the fastest Sense 4.0 Rom for HTC Explorer. Also it has the original BEat Audio, disabled scrolling cache and much more which definitely makes it a must try ROM for HTC Explorer.So if you haven’t tried out this wonderful Rom for HTC Explorer, try it out now.
Downlaoad ROM for HTC Explorer


BulletSenseFx Custom Rom for Pico:

This custom ROM for HTC Explorer is another great ROM, which is really fast and fluid. THe user interface is pretty clean. ome of the features of the ROM include, tweaked roise launcher, 3d effect added while changing tabs , new animation added (Jellybean) , sense5 wallpaper added, huge bass effect while listening songs, theming customization, no random reboots( as most of the custom ROMS cause to your phone), advanced sound enhancer added , quick setting in notification bar and much more. There are no bugs in this ROM, as this custom ROM for HTC Explorer has been developed keeping all the aspects of the handset in mind. have a look at some of the screenshots of the ROM below. Download the ROM here


CyanogenMod 9.1 for HTC Explorer :

Cyanogenmod is a pretty well known name when it comes to Custom ROMs. The custom ROM specially designed and updated for your HTC Explorer, namely the Cyanogenmod 9.1 works really well with this handset. Well I need not tell you about the various features of the cyanogenmod ROM. So if you do want to know, just google it, and learn. As explaining features of Cyanogenmod would take up all the space of this post, so it would not be appropriate to discuss those here. In a nutshell it is a pretty good custom ROM for HTC Explorer. Download the build for your HTC Explorer here.   Also note that do not use Titanium Backup with this build as it may lead to some serious complications. For a matter of fact read:


Have a look at some of the screenshots below.


Thinking Bridge ROM:

This is a really impressive Android 4.2.2 ROM for HTC Explorer. It is based on the Android 4.2.2, and so you will be getting some pretty cool gestures, like the notification panel gestures, task bar gestures and much more. Android 4.2 like Toggle bar, ribbons, widgets, and locked screen widgets, which really help to go to your favourite app in just a tap of finger, even without unlocking the screen. But htis ROM has some bugs, that are listed below.

  • Video Recording Bug, but that can be fixed with the help of the Video Cam Illusion app from the Play Store.
  • Gallery Videos don’t play. It can also be fixed using the MX player.
  • Bluetooth won’t work perfectly.

Though this ROM has some bugs, but still it is a cool choice, as it has some cool features over other ROMS, and the Android 4.2.2 based ROM is always better, and light as well. SO it would speed up your phone as well, and it is really impressive. you must try it out for sure. Download the ROM for HTC Explorer from here.


JellyBeer v4.31 Custom ROMS For HTC Explorer:

This is another impressive ROM to use for your HTC Explorer. This ROM is based on Cyanogenmod 10.1 i.e. you would be getting the Android 4.2.2 gestures in it. Also it has PA’s hybrid menu, and it has the Pie Launcher. It also has AOKP navigation bar, and along with some of the coolest optimization tricks and gestures. As it is based on CM 10.1 , so the common bugs would be there. Like the video recording bug, but again that can be fixed with the help of the Video Illusion app from the Play Store. So in a nutshell it’s a pretty cool ROM and you must definitely try it out. Have a look at some of the screenshots of this ROMS below. Download the ROM from this link



So these were the best 5 custom ROMS for HTC Explorer according to us. If you have any other ROM which also proves to be better than these, do comment below. if you find any other bugs unless mentioned in the post, do comment below. I hope this would help. 🙂

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