5 Best Custom Roms for Droid Razr XT912

 In this post is a list of best custom roms for droid razr XT912

Motorola Droid Razr, the CDMA version i.e., the one with Verizon Wireless is a pretty cool device. And if you have already rooted, you might want to change the looks and remove some of the bloatware from the stock ROM of Droid Razr XT912. So in this post are some of the best custom ROMS for droid razr around. You can have a look at them. I have differentiated them in two categories, i.e., Android 4.3 ROMS and Android 4.2.2 ROMS for Droid Razr XT912. So have a look at them and enjoy. 😀

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 Android 4.3 ROMS for Droid Razr XT912:

 Eclipse v5.1 Custom ROM for Razr :

Eclipse is another beautifully coded ROM. it is based on Stock Android 4.3 and the AOSP ROM. The reatures of this ROM for Droid Razr are really great. The ROM is Stable and works like real smooth. it has a theme engine, Customizable lockscreen hotseats, Eclipse Mode, the ability to choose between light and dark themes, Special reboot options, dedicated volume rocker controls, Long Press back to kill app gesture, Hardware key remapping also, Home Button Wake, Clear all recent gesture, combined notification coutn, Battery bar options, battery style options, Power widgets and toggles, Quick Settings. DSP Manager, Modded AOSP camera, power shuttler, enhanced shutter speed, quiet hours, Cyanogenmod FIle Manager, Terminal Emulator, Embedded SuperUser app, LockClock Widget pre-installed, USB Audio features, trebuchet launcher, advanced settings for kernel tweaks, Profile options, Notification and battery LED control. As far as installing is concerned just wipe data and cache in the recovery and flash the ROM file and Gapps package and ejnoy. 😀


Note that you have Motorola Droid Razr XT912 Verizon Wireless version only. Download the ROM for Droid Razr and gapps package below.

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Avatar ROM 4.0 :

Avatar ROM is Based on Android 4.3, so you will be getting the 4.3 gestures on your Droid Razr XT912. it gives you the leisure to enjoy the beautiful MIUI themes over the minimal Cyanogenmod base. The features include, Theme chooser, playstore like theme chooser, bazooka launcher which is an enhanced version of the trebuchet launcher, enhanced theming by adding dockbar, many customization options, themable boot animation, change font without a reboot, OTA updates included in the ROM, themable emoticons,  and brings many more fixes in the previous versions of the releases. This is only working for Razr XT912, and not XT910. But soon I would be writing about the GSM version too for Droid Razr. Soo download this beautiful themable ROM for your Droid Razr now. Install in a siilar manner in the recvovery mode, and then also flash the gapps, and then reboot.


Download 4.0 build Android 4.3 for Droid Razr XT912

PACMan Custom ROM for Droid Razr:

We all know about the brilliance of the PACman ROM. For those who are not familiar PACMan ROM for Droid razr is a mixture of the top three dominating custom ROM in the XDA era. PACMan is a mixture of Paranoid Android ROM, AOKP ROM, and Cyanognemod ROM. Mostly all the features of the three ROMS are made available in the PACman ROM. That is what makes it brilliant. This PAC-Man V06 is based on Stock PAC version 4.3 Build -1, AOKP version jb-mr1_milestone-2, Cyanogenmod veersion 10.2.0-RC0, and Paranoid Android version 3.99. Apart from the old features there many new notable new features in the ROM, that are, Dropped Number Changelog System, Added Halo colors, Added PacPapers, Added new boot animation, Added status bar weather from AOKP, Changed to new default wallpaper, Animate Developer Partition icon,Added Halo 2.0, and much much more in this amazing rom for droid razr.


—-> Download PACMan build for Droid Razr XT912

—-> Download PACMan build for Droid Razr XT910


Android 4.2.2 ROMS for Droid Razr XT912:

Liquid Smooth ROM for Droid Razr :

This is a Android 4.2.2 ROM for Droid Razr, so you can enjoy the features and 4.2.2 gestures. The ROM starts with a smooth, light and fast AOSP base, and then many features been stuffed into the code. This ROM for Droid Razr is pretty stable and has many features. it has GCC Google 4.7, Customizable lock screen and sliders to your choice, Chronus cLock Widget,  Hardware and software keys completely customizable,  transparent navbar and status bar,  power menu also is customizable, Optimized String Handling Routines,  Status bar Mods, Dedicated theme engine, full rotation, quiet hours, battery and notification light completely customizable. This is a really good ROm for Droid Razr xT912. It has very less bugs. Note in order to install this ROM you need to have Safestrap. You can know more about Safestrap from here. Reboot and enter menu at Safestrap Splash Screen. Create ROM-Slot 3. The ROM will only work in slot 3. After that flash the ROM firmware file, and the gapps package file. And then finally reboot, it would work perfect.



Download the ROM for Droid Razr from the link below.

 Official CM 10.1 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 :

Cyanogenmod is name that I need not explain about it’s glory and tame. This is the official support from Cyanogenmod 10.1 Build based on Android 4.2.2 custom ROM for Droid Razr. We have both GSM and CDMA support for Droid Razr XT912. There are many improvements inclucing the Speaker phone fix, GPS cleanup, and the flash is now working.There is also a fixed ROM slot, booting for any slot, also fixed the second CPU working, which is working again now. Also the incoming call bug has been fixed, which was earlier not working. But still in this custom rom for droid razr, the Gallery is not yet working perfectly, nor the dock settings. But still it is a pretty good option to go with, as it will let you upgrade to Android 4.2.2, and running a Cyanogenmod, trust me is a super cool experience. It is a really efficient ROM for Droid Razr XT912. As far as installing this custom ROM for XT912, it requires Safestrap3.11.  Place the .zip custom rom file onto SD card.install it , and then also install the gapps package. Enjoy! 🙂


Download links for Cyanogemod 10.1 Custom ROM for Droid Razr XT912

—->  Stable build for Razr XT912 CDMA

—-> Stabe Build for Razr  XT910 GSM

—-> Gapps Package


So these were some of the coolest and BestCustom ROMS for Droid Razr XT912 around. if you found any bug or any other problems while flashing the ROMS feel free to comment below.

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    Gustavo Arantes Saar 2 years ago

    • You can download the package from the CM official website, with the suitable andorid version of the ROM.

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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