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Here are some Best Apps for Android Wear. The World is Leading in IT and So is it Penetrating into the Life of People. Phones are Apart the Watches have also lead us to the Level where we would not have even imagined before. So we are here with the Best Apps for Android Wear Platform.

In 2014, we saw a lot of smart watches launched in the market by the biggest smartphone makers. Whether it was Apple iWatch or Moto 360 smart watch, every wearable tech got a great response. The Android wear hasn’t even competed a year but the developers have already started rolling out a lot of apps for the watches. And seeing this response from the developers, we can say that the market for the wearable tech is bright. So today we thought of preparing a list of the best Android wear apps that you can download if you own one such Android wear.

Wear Mini Launcher

Though the OS on Android wear is not as awesome as it is on the smartphones or tablets, you can change the look of it completely by downloading a launcher app on your Android wear. The best one is the Wear Mini Launcher which makes using the Android wear a lot easier.

With Wear Mini Launcher, you can easily swipe from the edge of the screen and get a scrollable panel of the apps installed in your device. There are various layout options and appearance tweaks that you can use to change the look of the launcher. The launcher app is free and it will get better in the coming days. It’s free to download but you can make donations to the developers from within the app.

Download from Google Play Store

Wear Store for Android Wear

The most important thing that you need in any smartphone is the application store from where you can download all the compatible apps for your device. And what happens when you have an Android wear? You download the Wear Store.

With Wear Store for Android Wear, you can find all the apps according to the categories and the popularity and also the newly updated apps. You can then search for the app you want to download and install it on your Android wear.

Download from Google Play Store

Find My Phone

An Android Wear is simply a device that’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. So when the connection is lost, that means you have moved away from your device. The app will immediately vibrate the watch so that you know that connection is lost and you can even ring your phone if you can’t find it.

The app is free to download with general settings but you can unlock all its features by upgrading it for $1.

Download from Google Play Store

Wear Apps Tracker

When you install a new app on your Android Wear, you won’t get a notification if it’s successfully installed or not. And that’s exactly what Wear Apps Trackers does. Whenever you install an app, update it or remove it from your Android Wear then you will receive a notification on the watch.

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With Pujie Black, you can transform your Android Wear into a simple yet an attractive watch that shows you the current time and this makes it one of the best Android Wear apps.

Pujie Black is just another custom watch face which comes with a companion app for phone that can be used to tweak the UI of the watch face on your Android Wear. You can choose to display analog or digital time or mix them and also configure the colors and weather of the watch face.

Download from Google Play Store

These are just some of the best Android Wear Apps and there will be a lot more available in the coming days because the Android Wear technology is just in the beginning days.

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