Backup and Restore SMS & WhatsApp Messages Like A Boss [How To]

In this post  you will be learning to Backup and Restore your Text Messages, or SMS like a boss. When one switches the firmware, or in other words, when you change and dump your phone’s stock ROM, you need to wipe all the data and cache first. This cache includes everything like SMS, MMS, contacts and much more. Almost all the data on the phone memory is gone. So why not backup those iportant SMS and then restore them after switching your ROM. Also keeping a safe backup helps a lot, as you might to factory reset your phone sometime due to some update process or other reasons.

Thought there are a hell lot of apps on the Play Store that would allow you to backup and restore SMS, but the one that works just perfectly is this app.

Follow these steps to backup your SMS :

  • Download the app from the play Store, have the link of the app above.


  • Now install this app on your phone.
  • Now tap on the backup button to proceed.
  • Now name your desired file, as the backup file, and then the app will start creating the backup of the SMS on your phone.


  • And on completion it will show you the necessary details about the backup that was created.


  • And congrats you have successfully created a backup of the SMS on your phone. This would be stored on the memory card, obviously.

Follow these Steps to Restore SMS :

Making a Backup is one thing and then restoring all those SMS that you stored on the backup is another thing. I hope you could relate. Now when you’ve probably changed the ROM, or finished with the process that needed to wipe data, follow these steps to restore the backup that was created previously.

  • Again install that app on your phone.
  • Now tap on the “Restore” button.
  • Select in the memory card, the backup file that you created.  Note that the backup file would have an extensoin as “.xml” .
  • Thats it, the app will restore your SMS, and your inbox would look like before.

How to backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages:

So this is the second part of the tutorial where you could get an idea on how to backup the Whatsapp messages from your android device. Whatsapp chats, are stored in data bases, located in the WhatsApp folder in your SD partition memory of the device. Now all the images, and the data, and media contents of your whatsapp are stored in this folder itself.

  • Now if you want to backup all the whatspp data, along with the images, just copy the whole whatsapp folder as it is, and store it in your hard drive any where else.
  • save-chats-restore-whatsapp
  • If you are looking to just backup the chats, and the messages, you need to backup and copy the data base folder as shown below.
  • how-to-backup-resotre-whatsapp-chats
  • But before, make a latest backup of the chats, as only the last backup is stored in the SD card. So make sure that you make a recent backup of the messages.
  • To do that, go into Chat Settings, and then select Backup Chats, as shown below. it will hsow you the last backup that was created, any messages after that time, will not be restored.
  • whatsapp-recent-backup-last-saved
  • So if you are okay with it, you can proceed, and copy the folder, and if not, make a new backup and then copy the folder.
  • Now if you data did not get wiped, the whatsapp messages will get resotred automatically.
  • but on the other hand, if all the data got wiped, and sd card formatted, then just make a new Folder named as WhatsApp, and place the Database folder in it, just like it was earlier. Note you need to do ths, before you install whatsapp again.
  • Now head to the Play Store, and now install whatsApp, and then it will ask you whether you want to resote the messages or not, click on restore, and all your whatsapp chats and messages will get restored.
  • restore-whatsapp-messages
  • That is it. Also note that in case, you had copied the whole whatsapp folder, just paste it as it is, no need to make a new folder named as whatsapp and then pasting another folder named whatsapp in it, then the app won’t be able to process it, so keep that in mind.

So this was it, this how you could easily backup your SMS, and the Whatsapp messages and chats ad resotre them onto another device, or also the same device after factory resetting it. In case you have any doubts regarding the tutorial, you could comment below, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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