How Backup and Recover Lost Data on Android Phone


Everyone has some of the important data on their phones. And same is the case for the Android Users. But in many cases, one loses their precious and important personal data like pictures, videos, music, document files, messages, contacts and other stuff on their respective phone. But ever wondered what if that is lost one day? What will you do?


Well, to prevent that step here is a post which is there to help our loyal users. This post is basically divided into two parts, the first tutorial would teach you how to take a backup android phone to computer, and the other phone would teach you to recover any lost file from your android phone, which is our second part of the tutorial. So let’s begin.

Backup Data on Android Phone:

So here are the steps below to backup data from android phone to PC.

  • first of all download the backup assistant.
  • Now run the program on your computer after installing it and then connecting the android device to the computer.
  • Also make sure that the USB debugging option is enabled on the device If not it can be done in the Settings menu.
  • Now as you connect the device, the software will scan the device for the data that can be backed up, and then show that to you on the screen.
  • backup-files-from-andorid-to-computer
  • Now from the above category you can choose the type of file you are looking to backup.
  • backup-files-android-pc
  • Also note that the in this software, the messages are under the Contacts tab.
  • Now that you have decided the file you want to backup, you can simple back it up, and save the file on your computer easily.

So this is you can simple backup the files on your Android Phone to the computer, with just a few clicks. Now if in case you are looking for some ways to recover the lost data on android, you may proceed to the next part of the tutorial.

Recover Lost data from Android Phone:

So here are the steps that you need to follow, to recover lost your data from your Android phone.

  • First of all download Coolmuster Tool to recover data
  • Run and install the recovering software on your computer, and then connect the device to it via a USB Cable.
  • Also make sure that the USB debugging option is enabled on your android device. You can do that by navigating into the settings of the device.
  • Now on your Android phone, it will ask you for a permission, grant the access, and then software will start detecting the files that can be recovered from your Android phone.
  • recover-lost-data-from-android-phone
  • Then you can choose from the category, the type of file you are looking to backup.
  • how-to-recover-lost-files-android
  • And then finally, when you select the file, recover it, and select the target and the software will recover the file which has been deleted from your Android phone super easily.

So this was a short tutorial which helped you to backup or recover deleted files from your Android phone. If you face any problems with the tutorial, make sure that the drivers installed on the device, are proper. or if in case you do not have the proper drivers for your device, you can download from this link. Of still use face any other type of errors, do leave us a comment below and our team will try to get back to you and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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