Backup Contacts on Android without Internet Connection [How To]

Whenever you root your phone, there is a risk of losing all your data on your phone. Like the Contacts, SMS, MMS etc. So one must create a backup before rooting your phone. Plus this situation is unavoidable in the case, when you install a new ROM onto your phone. As before installing a new ROM you have a wipe all the data on phone memory, and also the cache memory. So all your contacts, SMS, call logs will be deleted. So why not make a backup that you can simply restore with a single click after the root process or process of changing the ROM is done.

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So let’s start. To start there are two methods you can backup your contacts. Either you can save your contacts on Memory card, or you could also store them on the cloud via your google account and later restore them. But in this post we will only learn how to make a backup on the SD card, as it is more easy and also easily accessible, you do not need an internet connection for it.

Backup and Restore Contacts on Memory Card:

  • First of all navigate to your phone’s contacts.


  • Go in the options and choose the option “Import/Export”.


  • Then select the option “Export to SD Card” or eith er you could also go with “Export to SIM card”. Note: if you have a hell lot of contacts, it not advisable to store them on SIM card, as SIM card cannot hold bulk contacts, so it’s better to go with the SD card option.


  • And then the phone will create a file on your SD card, which will possess all the contacts as a backup.
  • Now when you are finished with the root process or the ROM changing process, again navigate to Contacts.
  • Then go to option, again choose “Import/Export”.
  • This time choose the option “Import from SD card”.
  • Select the backup file you created via the process given above.
  • And all your contacts will be restored.


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