Ways to Backup Android Apps for Unrooted Phones

Well your apps are the most important data you have on your phone, and it is the most difficult to backup and restore. many people often loose all their installed apps on their phone in the process of rooting or changing the ROMs. So in this post we will learn hot to backup apps on Android. Here I have posted various methods for the same, the this method is for the users who have not rooted their phone, while the other method goes for the people who have rooted their phone.  Though using the Titanium to bakcup is the best way to genrate backups, it has more power than any other app on the Play Store, but to use that you need to root your phone. So this method is for un rooted phones, as they cannot use the brilliant titanium backup app. So let’s start.

Backup Android Apps for Un-Rooted phone :

Follow this method to backup your apps if you haven’t rooted your phone. The people who are rooting the phone for the first time ought to follow this method. Also rooted users can follow this method too. But the second method dedicated for rooted phones only is more powerful than this one. So if you fall in the second category, use the later method.

  • To begin you need this app installed on your Android phone.
  • It is Astro File Manager, one of the best file managers available on the Android store.
  • Now you open the application, and it will show to a screen like one I attached below.


  • Select the” Backup Application ” option.
  • Now then you will be seeing the apps that have been installed on your phone. Select the apps that you want to backup by checking on them.


  • Once you are done selecting the apps, click on the Backup Button  and the app will be generating a backup for it.
  • And as far as restoring is concerned, when you are finished with your root process, and go to the backup Apps tab.


  • And choose the apps which you want to restore, and then select the install button.
  • You can find this app in your main directory/backup/app.

So this was a short method to backup and restore your apps if your phone was not rooted. Though while rooting you need not to wipe data and cache of your phone, but still it is advisable to make a backup, using the above method. I hope this helped.

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