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Are you searching for the best Apps for rooted android ? if Yes then you at the right place as we have a list of Apps which are not so famous but the best and worth more to be installed on your rooted device.

Read what is Rooting an Android Device in Depth.

After Rooting its always in your hand to value your Android and manage the Apps you install to make it perform well for life time or else you can have amazing performance for a bit of time and then just a bad ass android with low battery and low performance as we always have disadvantages of Rooting. Read the Disadvantage of Rooting

Titanium BackupTitanium-Backup-4

This little apps is very straight forward in what it does. Yes this app actually makes backup of your Phone. Is hat really useful ? yes That is the reason we listed it at the 1st place in our list. This App is very beneficial when installing new ROMs or new Kernels on your android as you don’t have to install all the apps again and again that you had before. Also if something goes wrong at an instant you can go back to the stck android and install your Backup.

This Apps also has some features that re really very useful, like you can schedule backups and also you can backup some specific apps and let others aside. Download Titanium Backup From Google Play



This app allows us to set CPU and GPU speed just by making a few taps on your android.One can use its awesome features that have profile modes for better performance of processor when require. Also we can use the App in conjunction with custom ROMs and Kernels and also by this we can overclock our processor to make it perform better or under clock it to save battery of our smartphone. Really it is a pretty nice App at a good price of $1.99.

Over use of this App can be Dangerous. Read How can SetCPU Be Dangerous.

Get SetPC on Google Play


This is another one of the nice Apps for Rooted Android, it does not Adds anything new to your Phone But it is very nice in deleting few inbuilt apps. If you are really annoyed by some Apps that just Takes space in your App drawer that are never ever used and if tapped by mistake then you just press the home button.These apps don’t harm you but actually they take some space and adds processes in the background. NoBloat allows us to delete these Apps. Yeah Just Delete it or just make a Backup for if you change your mind. Clearing the additional Apps makes you add more Apps if you have low internal memory issues.Read the advantages of Rooting an android.

Get NoBloat On Google Play

LMT LauncherLMT-Launcher-4

This Launcher is another life changing and addictive App that will always be missed if uninstalled after even a short use. It is a Semi Circle Toggle between Running Apps and also has few more features like keyboard selection and Gesture commands by user. Also this can be activated at any screen by just making a gesture that is meant to be activating it.

Get LMT launcher.apk from XDA

GMD Gesture Control

This is another Gesture Activated App that just Runs on Gestures and makes different Applications Launch when ever we need it to be opened just by making Gestures on the screen. Also it supports multitouch Gestures up to 4 Fingers at one time which can be used for making gesture commands.


Greenify can help you save your battery and increase performance of your android by keeping running apps which are not in use to hibernation. This can be very useful to control malware and other virus threats to android.

Root Checker Pro:

This is a must keep app for  every android user, who root his or her android devices, and is always flashing something. it gives you great details about the device, and also verifies the root access on the device with just a single click. Not only that, it has many functions, it has some really great in deppth coverage, and much info about the tweaks that can be performed on the device.

Download from Play Store

So These were the not so famous must installed Apps on Rooted Android devices or android with Root Access. If these Apps are over used then it can be problem for you. Read how to make Android Rooting an advantage .

So just try these best Apps for Rooted Android now and don’t forget to tell us about these Apps or Tell me if i missed some Apps in our comment section.

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