Advantages of Rooting Android | Root Benefits

Do you value your Android by Rooting it ? Do you know its capabilities ?  Do you know that the one in your pocket for the maximum time has more to give than it does now. Offcose you don’t know that’s why you haven’t rooted your Dull android. So in this Post we are Gonna talk about the Advantages of Rooting or in other words benefits of Rooted android phone over an un rooted android phone.

Being the most popular OS platform why do we need to Root an android ?

Know what is Android Rooting in depth !

a Company always releases an android taking is comfort and competition in mind but never waits and optimize the loop holes and kinks in the OS.So this lack of responsibility of the company makes the term Rooting exist in the world.

Being an open source OS developers can easily and legally edit and manipulate the OS according to their requirement. And we gonna Do it for our better life and performance of android.

Remember rooting can be a disaster. Be careful !

advantage of rooting android

Why Do you Need to Root | Advantages of Rooting Android

So may it be Performance, Readability, battery, or anything im gonna take all the advantages of android rooting and gonna list them now. Lets now talk about the Benefits of android rooting in depth. read what is android rooting

Installing ROMs

So basically i earlier talked about having the Super User access on android allows us to manipulate and edit the Stock Android OS but are you capable of doing that ? No. So here we are rely9ng upon the developers that have made rooting guide for each and every Android possible. Being an Open source software there is no issues for developers to build different and new ROMs daily. Installing ROM goes in with another advantage of rooting android

ROM can basically change anything and everything over that is visible or is at the backhand or may it b a dot on the screen display of the android all are customized very easily.

Do you think your Phone will look better if we change the background color of the menu then just do it why to crib and cry ?? just install some ROM.

Install Applicationadvantages of rooting android

By installing Apps here im not actually talking about the apps which are already available on Google play. But im talking about the Apps which require Root access or a super user Designation to work properly. We have plenty of Apps that can do things that we cannot even imagine. Like Apps to take screen shots work more efficiently when we have a rooted android. Also ChainFire3D and many other application allows us to boost up the performance of the Android device which again is anther advantage of Rooting android. Some times this leads to bad performance of the android after using 3rd party apps.

Boost Up Speed & Performance

Coming back to the App ChainFire3d. This app is a kind of driver between the graphic card and the OS. It becomes a middle man and tells the graphic card of what to do to make more efficient working and performance of your android. Also we have Apps like RAM expander, which by name specifies it all. RAM expander allows us to increase the RAM by using the external storage source as RAM and this is very beneficial in increasing multitasking capabilities of a smartphone.

And EveryThing | advantage of rooting android

advantage of rooting android

The 3 points i explained above are not that short as i explained. We have more to Go with Kernels and many other things to go with the world’s best OS platform. We have online guides to built your own ROM. Also CynogenMod have made this a big thing again by introducing revolutionary ROMs.

Rooting is always not beneficial also read the disadvantages of rooting an android device.

So now you have read about the Advantages of Rooting an Android Device. If you are excited to root your android device right now then just go into the search bar and type your device name and we will surly have a safest guide to root your android. & if not then you can also contact us and we will get your Rooting Guide in Next 24 Hours for sure.

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  • Yes, rooting android is beneficial but I guess we all should avoid unless we know how to achieve to successfully without breaking anything..
    thnx for the post..

    Ansh 5 years ago

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