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Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia C

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Sony Xperia C is a decent device from Sony. However after some time the interface of an android phone seems to hang and lack due to all the unwanted bloat, and the unwanted files that keep on generating. And the best way to get rid of them is to flash a custom ROM, for a change, and also to boost some of the performance of the interface, by changing it with a lighter one, or a new one. So if you are looking to flash some of the custom ROMs on your Xeria C, here are some of the ROMs which are worth considering for the job. So below are some of the custom ROMs for Xperia C.

Custom ROMs for LG G Flex

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So here are some Best Custom ROMs for the LG G Flex. The LG G Flex has not much ROMs but all of them are quality ROMs. The Development for this device is not as much as it is intended to be. But still it has CyanogenMod For All Android Versions. And that is a Good News in Itself. (more…)

Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia L

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So here are some best Custom ROMs for the Sony Xperia L. The Sony Xperia L is a great device which has already got the latest android update un officially. so just gather some guts n get your Sony Xperia L to the best ROM from the list below. (more…)

Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

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So here are the Best Roms for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active

. These ROMs are well Tested and Hopefully the best Available on the Internet at the Moment. The ROMs have been selected by Best People in Our team. These have the Best developemtn support from the Authr and Developer. (more…)

Custom ROMs for Xiaomi MI3

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Here are the Best ROMs for the Xiaomi MI3. These ROMs have been development for a while and have also cleared our testes to be listed on this list of best ROMs.

Xiaomi MI3 is truly common device nowadays. And so it deserves, it offers great deal of features at that low price. It is a leisure to have the nice screen, trust me. I have been personally using the Xiaomi MI3 from about 7 months now. (more…)

Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia ZR

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So here we are with the best ROMs for the Sony Xperia ZR. The list of ROMs here is well shuffled out of many good ROMs. These ROMs are segregated over user reviews and personal preference as when flashing a ROM one has some expectations over the stock ROM. to meet those we have made this list with the quality ROMs for Sony Xperia ZR. (more…)

Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

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So here are the best ROMs at present for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Just go through the list for the best ROMs which is a bit tested and is a mixture of personal preference.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is slated for September 2014 release. The Alpha is the first major metal cased smartphone released by Samsung, with all previous devices encased in plastic. (more…)

Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia S

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So here are some Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia S whihc can really help your Device to get better and faster than the Stock ROM for Sony Xperia S.

The Device is Really Good and is Really handy to carry. The hardware has no such bugs but when it comes to software and performance. Its where the Device gets it hard Test. The Device Needs To get the Bloatware off the Install. So here we all need Deodexed and better RAM managed ROMs that will help us. (more…)

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