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Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android | How to

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Have you ever been reading a blog post in the internet, and then your connection was terminated? It is frustrating, right, having to stop your reading just because you cannot be online.

You are not alone; I also used to feel frustrated and angry at times when that happened to me. But that changed one day when I realized that you don’t have to be online to read a blog post. It is possible to continue reading a blog on your android phone, even after your internet connection has disconnected.

How to Hide Files/Media on Android | No Root | 3 Ways

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Facing some issues while keeping privacy on your android device ? Are you deleting personal pictures from your android device so that you can just keep your privacy to the mark ? If Yes then Don’t Worry as this post will cover all the possible and existing methods and also some new methods to Hide Files from People you don’t want show.

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