How to Boot Sony XPERIA M C1905 in Recovery Mode

- - Boot Recovery Mode

If you are looking to boot your Sony XPERIA M C1905, then here is a quick tutorial which will guide you on how to do so.

What is Recovery?

Android Recovery is a utility installed on every android phone or tablet, which helps in managing the overall OS, and do many things like factory resetting and managing the cache, and things like that. In other it is the control menu, when your interface fails, and helps you in the need.

XPERIA M C1905 recovery mode boot how to

So if you are looking to reboot the your android device into the recovery, and can’t make out how to do it, follow the quick instructions below to get it done.


  •  Go to the Home Screen of the XPERIA M C1905.
  • Press the Volume Up and Power Key.


  • Keep Holding them, until the phone reboots.
  • Only release the keys, when you see the Sony Logo.
  • That’s it, the device will then reboot into the Recovery Mode.

So this is how to you boot your phone into the recovery mode, pretty easily and traditionally. If on the other hand, any key is broken and doesn’t work, you can use any app from the play Store, which do the job for you pretty easily.

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