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Flash Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy Pocket s5300

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By reading this post you will be able to Flash Official Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket s5300 is one of the cheapest Android devices available in the market. So as a result of its low price you may get a bit pissed off by its processor and RAM capabilities. So Rooting it, is the only way you can get some real work done by this Smartphone. Well once you have rooted your device the most common thing is changing the UI by Flashing a Custom ROM, but you may get into situations when you will have to get back to the stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300. Suppose you want to sell your device, then you will have to Un-root your device and flash the stock ROM or you may just want to get back to original device after getting bored of flashing several ROM’s. If you are stuck in any of these situations no need to worry, in this article I will be giving you the complete and the best tutorial to Flash Stock ROM on you Samsung Galaxy Pocket, so lets start with some real work. (more…)

5 Best Custom ROMS for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

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 In this post there is a list of the best custom ROMS for Galaxy Nexus Verizon.

One of the best benefits of having a Nexus device is that you get to use and are exposed to the developed in the third party areas ike the ROMS, etc. Though the Nexus devices get the updates soon enough after the new versions are released but the stock android still does not have the gestures like the ROMS I have listed below do. So you should be atleast trying these ROMS out. But before actually installing them, make sure you have rooted you verizon galaxy nexus and have installed  a recovery on Galaxy nexus i505 device. Have a list of the best custom roms for galaxy nexus on verizon. Enjoy!

5 Best Custom ROMS for HTC Explorer- Must Try

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List of best custom ROMS for HTc Explorer, or HTC Pico.


HTC Explorer is a pretty old device and so you would like to change the looks and gestures of the Sense it works on with this great list of best cumstom roms for htc explorer., and also comes with really low specifications. but apart from that the phone had been really popular. So in this post there are best custom roms for htc explorer, also known as htc pico. The ROMS are specially dedicated to the phone, and would work the best in any work conditions you use the phone with. Also you would want to root your phone first, so root it first and install clockworkmod recovery on it. And also changing the Stock ROM of your phone would bring in some great customizations and more features in your phone too. but before reading about the best custom roms for htc explorer, root your phone and backup all the data existing on phone, as it will be deleted when you change the ROM.

4 Best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Young S6310/6312

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Here is a list of best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Young s6310/6312.

Samsung phones and the whole touchwiz interface is pretty good, but you know they out in the customizatoins and looks in every other Samsung phone. So with time you will be bored out of the lame looks the phone has. So if you’ve rooted your phone, why not consider changing the stock rom and installing some interesting custom ROMS on Galaxy Young s6310/6312. So in this post I have managed to find some ROMS for Galaxy Young that would work best, and customize your Young’s looks as well as transitions. The ROMS are higly stable, I have tried to include the best ROMS I could. Also note that there are nnot much dedicated ROMS for Galaxy Young s6310/6312, but these on the list should work perfectly with your phone.

Best Custom ROMs | Top 10 Custom ROM | 2015

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So we are her with a list of the Best Custom ROMs available for android at the moment. This is 2015’s top list of Custom ROMs that make the best out of your android. Do you actually need a custom ROM for your Android device. Do got really don’t that ya it is time to ditch the stock android ROM and move on while replacing it with newer and better custom ROMs.

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