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 In this post there are custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a pretty average phone from Samsung. And sadly it does not have much to impress. And as always the touchwiz has been not so convincing from the very start. but guess what? You could dump your touchwiz and switch to Custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300, which would change the looks of your phone completely. So what are you waiting for?below is a list of best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300, you must atleast try them out.


Best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300:

So here is a list of the best custom ROMS for Pocket according to us.

Elasys ROM Version 2:

This is one of the best custom ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300. It is pretty stable, and has elegant look too. It’s main features include Pre-Rooted, deodexed, AROMA Installer, cool user interface and looks, 29 toggles in the Statusbar, Random Bootanimation and Sound, 3 Windows on Status Bar Expanded, Added some apps, 4 skins mms.apk added, OTA Updater also included. So these some of the main features of this beautiful and best custom ROM for galaxy pocket s5300.  You can install this ROM just like to install any other ROM in the recovery mode. Download the ROM form here.  have a look at some of the screen shots for this ROM.


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Remix  Version 2 ROM for galaxy Pocket s5300:

This is ported ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300. This was first created for Galaxy Y and it was then ported for galaxy Pocket. It’s ROM features include Deodexed, Rooted, Busy Box has been installed, Bash Shell Support, also it has full support for Init.d scripts. Also almost all bloat wares have been removed from the ROM. Also scrolling cache has been disabled, which makes the scrolling a bit more fluent.original s3 sounds (ringtones etc) + fonts etc. Download the ROM for Galaxy pocket s5300. have a look at screen shots here.



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 Explode Version 1.0 :

Explode ROM for Galaxy pocket s5300. it is a Xperia styled ROM designed for s5300 Galaxy Pocket. It is fast sleek, has lildroid icons, bravia engine, ics styled settings, tweaked, cool apps, home and back key vibrations, walkman. You can install this ROM by the default method you install the ROM.Download the original ROM form here. Also download the additional icons from here.   Have a look at some of the screen shots of the best custom ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300 below.



iAlexander Custom ROM for s5300:

This ROM goes for the Apple Fans out there. The ROM features include iPhone Theme Launcher, Espier Launcher, Assistive Touch, Root Access, Phone Locker-Espier Locker, Custom Boot Animation, iPhone Themed MMS/SMS, Custom Easter Egg, No SMS Log, integrated CWM with vM00’s Kernel, Optional iPhone Status Bar, Especially for the Additional Theme and iLocker, and much more. Also this can be installed in the default method in the recovery mode of your s5300. Download the ROM from here.



So this was a short list of Best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300. You must try them out. I hope It helped. Do leave the suggestions and comments below in the comment section.

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