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Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia S

- - Custom ROM

So here are some Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia S whihc can really help your Device to get better and faster than the Stock ROM for Sony Xperia S.

The Device is Really Good and is Really handy to carry. The hardware has no such bugs but when it comes to software and performance. Its where the Device gets it hard Test. The Device Needs To get the Bloatware off the Install. So here we all need Deodexed and better RAM managed ROMs that will help us. (more…)

Custom ROMs for LG G3

- - Custom ROM

Here is a list of the best Custom ROMs for LG G3. Do try different ROMs and let us Know which ROMs are your Favorite.The ROM index for LG G3 is Really nice as we have The best ROMs from different Developers which are the best Online. While Installing a Custom ROM on LG G3 do follow the instructions provided in the ROM description area. Please Expand the ROM description area if it is not already visible. 

How to Root HTC Desire 610 Without PC

- - Android Rooting

SO you own a HTC Desire 610 and looking to root your Desire 610? Well here is small tutorial for you, that could help you on your way. I f you are fed up with the device, and looking to squeeze out more for the device, then obviously rooting could be your tea, and could definitely help you through. So let us get you the root access. (more…)

How to Root and Flash CWM on Motorola Moto E

- - Android Rooting

So this post goes out for the people running a  Moto E, and looking for a decent tutorial to root moto e, and flash CWM on it. Well this post could help you out. Moto E falls in the budget category, and was launched by Motorola in 2014 and features a simple and a baisc dual core processor. but hey you could always increase the productivity of the device, by rooting it. So let’s begin? (more…)

How to Root HTC One S | Easy Tutorial

- - Android Rooting

Do you want to Root HTC One S ? Well if you do the you must know that this is the easiest tutorial online available which will Root your HTC One S without bricking it.

The tutorial is divided into many sections under headings to let the User know what he is actually doing and what can he do after has Rooted his HTC One S. It is advice to read the tutorial twice before you start to follow the profile. (more…)

How to Root the HTC One Mini 2 | Fastest Way

- - Android Rooting

So you are here because you want to Root HTC One Mini 2, So lets not waste any further time and just start with Rooting your HTC One Mini 2.

We have a very nice structure of the Tutorial which is divided into parts so that one ca easily understand the use, need and how to Root HTC One Mini 2. SO just read the tutorial with a calm mind. Also to make sure that You don’t Brick your device while rooting do read this tutorial twice before starting with the procedure. Also this is a tested Tutorial so Brickage will never occur unless and untill you miss either step or follow the sites in a non sequential manner. (more…)

How to Root LG G2 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat | Easy

- - Android Rooting

So do you want to Root LG G2 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat with the easiest method availabel on the Internet? SO be relaxed as we are here to root your LG G2 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat in seconds.

you are requestd to sit bac relax and just read the articel as we have divided the articel into many parts to make it clear and easy for every person. Ans so one can root their LG G2 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat Easily ! (more…)

Root Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom (LTE) | Easiest Method

- - Android Rooting

Are you Searching for a Root and installing custom recovery tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom (LTE) ? If you are then you must know that this tutorial is the best tutorial available on the internet to Root and install CWM without PC on your Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom (LTE) android device. The Best part of this tutorial is that we do not require a PC to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom (LTE). (more…)

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