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Root Galaxy S Duos SCH-I829 Without PC

- - Android Rooting

Looking for some ways to root the Galaxy Style Duos? Well here is a short tutorial that will help you your way thourgh the rooting procedure. Rooting can be a cool element, for your device, and you really can help getting more from your device, personalizing it more, and what not. So let the rooting begin. (more…)

How to Root S2 Plus GT I9105P Without PC

- - Android Rooting

So if you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, and looking for some ways to root it to perform some tweaks or other root stuff for that matter, you are at the right place. Here is a short tutorial which would help you to root Galaxy S2 Plus GT I9105P without PC, yes you read it right, while following this tutorial you won’t even need a Computer or Laptop. (more…)

How to Root GALAXY W GT-I8150 One Click Method

- - Android Rooting

So you own a Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150, and looking for some ways to make the phone perform a little better. well there are many options to that, and the best is to root galaxy w GT-I8150, and here is a short tutorial to help you out. After rooting you could simple increase the performance of the device, by overclocking or increasing the RAM of the device. Also not only that, the battery usage can be optimized and you could simply squeeze out well from the what the hardware has to offer to you. So let us begin. (more…)

How to Use Set CPU to overclock on your Android Smartphone

- - Featured

Looking for some ways to Overclock your device? Well here is a short post, which can guide you to use SetCPU and overclock your android smartphone.


Why to OVerclock using SetCPU:

The speed of your Android device is solely dependent on the processor of the device. Now every processor is set at a certain speed at which it processes the data. The more the clock speed, the more faster the processor operates, and hence faster the device. Overclocking means that you increase the clock speed of the processor over the limit it is set to operate. Now when you do so, it is certain that your device will function faster.

How to Control DSLR Completely from your Android Device

- - Featured

Today photographic instruments are evolving at a great speed. The need for remote shutters has been present since a long time. And the remote controllers for the camera are really expensive, and also they do not offer much productivity and ease of control. Plus you need to carry them every time, and everywhere you take your camera. now just imagine a scenario, where you could remotely control the Android device using your smartphone. Here is a short post, by which you could control your DSLR camera using your android smartphone, including changing each and every setting and also taking the final shot.

Things to do before Flashing a ROM

- - Featured

Most of the Android users for their devices so that they can get rid of the old and monotonous and the slow stock ROMs,  full of bloat ware.  And install a custom ROM in their devices. But there are many things that you might need to know and do before you flash a ROM on your Android device. This is a small post which would’ve help you do that.

How to Root Lenovo A269i Without PC

- - Android Rooting

So if you own a lenovo a269i and looking for some ways to root it without PC, then you are at the right place. Follow this tutorial to simply rooting it without the use of a computer in a few taps. After you root phone, you will be able to perform many tricks on your device, and increase it’s performance by deleting all the bloatware of the device. (more…)

Root Lenovo Idea Tab s6000 Without PC

- - Android Rooting

Looking for some ways to root lenovo ideatab s6000 without pc? You are at the right place pal. Ideatab is a great android tablet from Lenovo, and guess what you can make it more awesome just by rooting it.Install ROMs, perform many tweaks, and most importantly increase it’s performance by agreat deal. SO what are you waiting for? (more…)

How to Root Nokia X Easily one Click

- - Android Rooting

You own o Nokia X and fed up of the so monotonous software Nokia put in? Want to change the looks and control and tweak your device better than ever before? So why not root Nokia X, and install some custom ROMs and do much of the stuff. So this post goes out for the Nokia X users. (more…)

Install CWM on Nokia X

- - Install CMW

Here is a small tutorial that will help you out to install cwm on your Nokia X. But before we start out with the procedure, let us know a bit about CWM and the Stock Recovery that comes installed on your device. (more…)

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